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24 Cancelled FOX – It appears as if the long running series, 24, will finally go off the air after their 8th season. The show has been a source of controversy in recent years after the star and producer of the show, Keifer Sutherland has been involved in a series of incidents including multiple DUI arrests and an arrest for aggravated assault after he head butted a man outside of a night club in Hollywood. The show first debuted to rave reviews, mostly because of the shows interesting format that had each season of the show run 24 episodes, each episode lasting one hour in the day. The show mostly centered around the character Jack Bauer, who worked for a government institutions who were in charge of watching over terrorist activity in the United States and abroad. The show was quite controversial when it came out after September 11th, and involved a number of different terrorist activities that had really been going on in the real world when the show aired.

Most critics have said that they feel the show was a good one, having had a few seasons that were not up to the standard that was set in earlier seasons. 24 saw a rise in popularity after they released a made for TV movie that was supposed to lead up to the events that would transpire in season 7. In a statement that was released to the press today, they said that they felt that due to the declining ratings and the fact that most of the cast members are looking to pursue other ventures, they would not be able to continue to make the hit TV show. There have been rumors in recent months that have speculated that they may plan on making a movie to close out the series, but those claims seem to have not been substantiated after the recent cancelling of the show.

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    1. gcowen says:

      I am very disappointed that 24 has been cancelled. It is clearly my favorite TV show and I have purchased all the DVDs for rewatching. I will look forward to buying Day 8 when it comes out and can only hope that someone will pick up Day 9. After all, you really only need Jack Bauer and Chloe plus a few others and you can make a show. I promise to purchase any DVDs that will be made.

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