24 FOX Moving To NBC?

24 FOX Moving To NBC? – The TV Show 24, and all of the stars of the show have often been the center of scandal and controversy in Hollywood. Keefer Sutherland has had his fair share of public problems, including a head butting incident last year that landed him in trouble with authorities. Today, there are rumors swirling that 24 could potentially be moving to NBC at some point in the future. 24 has been a cornerstone in FOX’s lineup, and continues to produce excellent ratings well into its 8th season. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Angela Bromstad of NBC was asked if NBC would ever consider picking up 24 should FOX not pick the show up for its 9th season.
Her response was that it would be expensive, but the idea has been discussed before. Potential problems with the deal include the fact that 24 has often been rumored to have a movie in the works to wrap up the storyline once and for all. There is also a lot of politics that are involved with a TV show changing networks, and the TV show that does change networks often never sees ratings like they did with their previous network.
It is uncertain if NBC would even make a run at trying to acquire 24. The cost alone would be the biggest problem, as FOX would likely ask for a figure that is in the high millions. Most of the time when a network attempts to acquire a show from another network, it is because they have some sort of connection with the studio who created the TV series. That is not the case with 24, as there is no connection between the studio that creates 24 and NBC. It has become very apparent in recent episodes that 24 is nearing its completion. Maybe it is time for Jack Bauer to pack his bags.

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