Adam Lambert To Replace Simon Cowell On American Idol?

Adam Lambert To Replace Simon Cowell On American Idol? – Simon will be inevitably leaving American Idol as the show comes down to its finale episode. He announced earlier this year that he will be no longer continuing on with the show and this is his final season. American Idol has been America’s favorite karaoke and singing competition for many years now. As American Idol producers talked with Adam Lambert about the possibility of replacing Simon Cowell on the show, they received some compelling responses. Lambert was featured on American Idol once before and the show took a strong liking to his critiques of the artists and how well he worked with the contestants. Obviously, they are looking for something new because Simon Cowell was a rather unique individual but how could Adam Lambert play out for the show? An insider for Al was first to let the news lip out and they are thinking of having the singer come back and work for the show on a full time basis.

There have been no contracts made yet and no talk about a deal but would it be possible that the rocker would be what American Idol needs to give the show some extra attention and glow after Simon Cowell leaves? Cowell has made his decision that he will leave the show this season and he announced this rather long ago so it has come to no ones surprise that he is following through. Simon’s next production will be called “The X Factor” which is going to be a talent show based out of Britain but it will be featured on television in the U.S. very soon.
Meredith Lovelance, a fellow American Idol fan said “it will definitely change the dynamic of the show. I really don’t see Adam Lambert stepping into the strict role that Simon holds and that’s one of thing’s I think Idol needs.”

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    1. ianaleah says:

      After mentoring,(all four judges parised his mentoring job)in an interview,in the UK, someone asked Adam if he would like to be a judge. Adam said it would be fun to do it ad guest judge for one show, but he is very busy with his music career. he never said anything whatsoever about having been asked, so, another rumor shot down.

    2. Togah says:

      That’s really dumb.
      Why would he leave his fledgling music career to be a judge on a show that fewer and fewer people are watching.

      Don’t be silly.

    3. David says:

      That’s interesting considering he was asked that very same question point blank in the UK. His response? He couldn’t because his schedule was too busy but he would love to guest judge. American Idol may have asked Adam to guest judge for a week and the next thing you know the story has legs and has been distorted out of proportion

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