Alberto Cutie: Priest Who Left Catholic Church Gets TV Show

Alberto Cutie, a priest who was forced out of the Catholic Church because of the fact that he married a woman is now getting his own reality TV show (Fox) in a bizarre turn of events.

The scandal first started when he was photographed kissing and embracing Ruhama Buni Canellis on a beach in Florida in 2009. As a result of the controversy that ensued he had no other option but to leave the church because of the damage that all of the attention had done to him as a religious figure.

Alberto Cutie has been labeled with the title of “Father Oprah” and will host the show “Father Albert” which will be an inspirational program which will discuss all different kinds of life topics.

Cutie said that the show will cover all of the different issues that Catholics face from the challenges of abstinence to the desire of ultimate salvation.

The show will start airing later on in the year and he has expressed his excitement at the prospect of having his own series and being able to reach out to millions of people at one time.

“Father Albert” says that it is his goal to reach as many people as possible and open up a dialogue with those who have trouble in their lives.

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    1. derekohachey says:

      I never had much respect for reality TV shows and this won’t help. Fr. Cutie, who professed a vow of celebacy to God, left the Church and ultimately broke his vow to God, is going to teach us about abstinence and salvation?

      I think our time would be better spent watching Fr. Robert Barron on WGN on Sunday mornings.


    2. Walter says:

      Uh, Cutie was not “forced out” of the Church. He broke his vows to that Church. He was no more forced out then an adulterous spouse if “forced out” of their marriage by the spouse who was cheated. He decided to go to the Episcopal community and hardly someone who should be speaking on Catholic values as he obviously has no respect for them.

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