Alec Baldwin Advises Charlie Sheen Publicly

“The Warlock” Charlie Sheen recently has dominated headlines. Coke, porn-stars, and alcohol are three things that Sheen enjoys, this making him incredibly interesting to the media, given his erratic behavior. Many have been critical of Sheen’s behavior, though Sheen has always done exactly what he wanted.

After all, his bad behavior did nab him Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, who Sheen divorced following the birth of their twin sons.

Yet, is all the public criticism really necessary? Alec Baldwin’s recent editorial seemed rather foolish. If the two were actually friends, wouldn’t it seem more appropriate for Baldwin to contact Sheen personally?

Charlie Sheen is not likely to take Baldwin’s advice, especially in light of Baldwin’s own problems. Furthermore, it is unlikely that Sheen has faced any real financial strain after being fired from “Two and a Half Men,” as his tours have sold out.

Sheen’s upcoming tell-all tours are sure to be extremely successful and financially lucrative, as long as people like Baldwin continue to fuel the hype. It seems like only a natural disaster could really, but not altogether, take the spotlight away from Sheen.

Sheen has almost become a cult figure for all drug-addled individuals, who, not only refuse to be reasoned with, but also refuse to admit they have a problem. Hey, look at the critics.

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