Allyson Donovan: Who Won Bridalplasty?

Few months ago E! launched a very controversial reality show called “Bridalplasty” produced by Giuliana Rancic that spilled a lot of ink and had the audience glued in front of their televisions.

“Bridalplasty” had the perfect recipe for success: brides and plastic surgery.

The concept of the shocking series was very simple – future brides would compete in various challenges and at the end of the contest, the winner would get the plastic surgeries they have always desired thanks to famous surgeon Terry Dubrow (who appeared on ‘The Swan’ on Fox).

Last night the remaining finalists who were Allyson Donovan, 32 and Jenessa Wainwright, 27 faced off one last time in hopes of getting the cosmetic procedure of their dreams.

After all was said and done Allyson was declared the winner by host Shanna Moakler and will also have the wedding of her dream after being surgically enhanced.

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    1. Britney says:

      I am so happy that Allyson won bridalplasty. She very well deserves it!! I am ecstatic for her! you go girl. show jenessa that she is a bitch

    2. sabrina says:

      Im so glad she won cause she deserve it. That other chick was trying to make her look bad by lying. Allyson didnt mess over on people. Way to go girl :).

    3. gerri dale says:

      I am sooooo happy for you. i wanted to kick Janaeea’s ass myself what a white trash bitch. you are truely beauliful inside and out. congratulations ad cheers to a wonderful life.

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