American Idol Judge Watch:Elton John Says No

American Idol Judge Watch:Elton John Says No – According to recent reports, Elton John has turned down an opportunity to become a judge on the popular television series, American Idol. It is assumed that he was offered the position in light of Simon Cowell’s bid the popular television series goodbye. He left the reality series last night and it appears that the show is looking to fill his position sooner, rather than later. If they are willing to offer the position to Elton John, who else might they be willing to offer the position to?

Elton was reportedly offered $33 million to become a judge on the television show. He had previously appeared as a guest judge during season three. It is not known if the massive contract was meant to be a one year deal, or if it was a multi-year contract. That information could shed some light on John’s reasoning for turning down such a large sum of money for such a small commitment to the show.

Cowell’s replacement will reportedly not be named until the finale has aired for this season. Another of other names have been mentioned in recent weeks, but there have been no confirming reports that FOX is interested in one person in particular. They will likely throw the fishing nets out, seeing what big names they can garner interest from before offering them contracts one by one, in the order that they are most interested in having appear on the show.

Some have speculated that the show would be going for another fast-witted, sharp tongued style judge, but John doesn’t appear to fit that description.

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