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Anderson Cooper Scientology CNN – It appears as if the Church of Scientology, a church known for shying away from media attention after receiving a large amount of bad press in recent years, will not be too pleased with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper in the coming days. Soon, he will be launching a series that will be a week long, and will cover Scientology from top to bottom, in depth. Not only will he delve into the beliefs of individuals who attend the Church Of Scientology, but he will also be looking into allegations that have been made against the religion and church in recent years regarding the amount of money that they request from followers, along with other serious allegations that have taken place.

Cooper hosts a nightly show on CNN regularly. The show is entitled Anderson Cooper 360. It is on his own show that he will be taking a long look at the churches short history. The Church has been accused of being violent with followers who claim they will be going forward with information about the church. They have also received a number of violence complaints in recent years that have seriously damaged the credibility of the Church. They have a number of prominent celebrity followers including Tom Cruise who have come out and publicly commented about the Church to media in recent years. Those celebrities have also been highly criticized for their role in the church, with some going as far as to suggest that they may be directly involved with the money that is taken from the followers of the religion.

Some highly ranked members of the organization have come forward in recent weeks to comment about the church. While they claim that not all allegations that have been made about the church are true, they have claimed that quite a few of them do hold some merit.

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    1. Rouz says:

      A group of religious extremists; what else is new?

    2. Mary Adams says:

      This is so ridiculous Scientology has never been violent with anyone. For Anderson Cooper to try to attack Scientology is just stupid and shows that the man who was working in the Sea Org, saying bad stuff about how they hurt people is because he got kicked out of the Sea Org and is now making up stuff to get revenge on Scientology.

    3. Sylvia says:

      I watched the show and it’s totally he said/she said. There were several Scientologists sitting there to talk but they didn’t get a chance to. It’s sad to see a group vilified and convicted in the media without any evidence or proof with plenty of people saying it totally isn’t true. I’d like to see some “beyond a reasonable doubt” applied here before convicting the Church and high ranking members in the public’s eye.

    4. David Aden says:

      I’ve been a Scientologist for more than 30 years and saw the Anderson Cooper 360 piece last night. Though I follow current events pretty closely and worked in public affairs some years ago, so I have some sense of the entertainment side of the news business, it still strikes me as remarkable what can pass for “news.”

      I’ve spent time in many Churches of Scientology over the years at the local, national and international levels and I have known and become friends with more than a few members of the Church’s senior management. They have always impressed me as uniquely approachable, concerned and involved –people who set a stellar example of dedicated community service who yet somehow manage to remain grounded enough that you’d love to share a beer with them.

      What’s more, the work environment in every Church I have visited would be the envy of the non-profit world. The esprit de corps is palpable and the care provided to the staff in terms of training and personal advancement is unrivaled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any organization in either the non-profit or profit sectors invest more heavily in the wellbeing of its staff. As a small business owner, I would love to be able to offer even a small part of the training and other benefits available to Church staff to my employees.

      Speaking from direct personal experience, one of the hallmarks of the Churches I have visited has always been the calmness and embracing feeling of safety. And I’m not the only one – I’ve known of many people who comment on the same thing. It is clear that atmosphere is not just due to the efforts of individual staff, but that it flows down from Church management.

      Scientology has grown at a remarkable rate in recent years and that growth rate only seems to be accelerating. The Church has also come to the attention of many people for its self-funded community service efforts, whether for its front-line response to disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti, Katrina or the tsunami or due to its sponsorship of an international drug-education campaign. It has also been front and center in the fight for human rights with its support of another international campaign to support the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

      In other words, the Church is newsworthy – there is a story to tell about how a group that is small, relative to other denominations, could have such a large positive impact – but Anderson Cooper really missed the mark on this one. The allegations of former members who were kicked out of the Church because they couldn’t uphold Scientology’s ethical standards seem like a ridiculous launching point for a show about a young, vibrant, community-oriented religion. It would be like airing complaints from a corrupt, drug-dealing, former policeman about the internal affairs detectives who busted him. How would it be news that a corrupt cop might be upset with the people who prosecuted him?

      • Ken says:

        A PR story from the church.

        Talk to the people who left the church or those who worked directly with Hubbard.

        There are plenty of them.

    5. ann says:

      we all know that god is not using the church any more to save people, that is why god said. come out of her [church]my people and dont be port take of her plage.

    6. Thaddeus Gadlfy says:

      I do not know whether the story is true or not, but I will say this; the church has made a serious miscalculation by having all of the wives of the accusers come out against their husbands, claiming, all in one eerie similar voice, how their husbands are lying. They reminded me of the aliens in the X Files TV serious. Very creepy.

      • KJ says:

        I completely agree. The way they all answered was WAY too similar. I’d like to see which set is up and ready for a lie detector test 🙂

    7. bob dobbs says:

      “The Church has also come to the attention of many people for its self-funded community service efforts, whether for its front-line response to disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti, Katrina or the tsunami or due to its sponsorship of an international drug-education campaign”

      What’s also creepy is that some of the abusive people are in the OSA, the same Scientiologists who are patrolling the Internet and spamming comments section with Scientology copy/pasta marketing and “fair-gaming” critics. When Mr. Aden speaks you’re hearing the official Scientology position.

    8. x staff says:

      LRH screwed up when he allowed Micavich to be his sucessor. Ron always managed by stats. Micavich would have been canned a long time ago if Ron were alive. Miscavich has never had so much as a paper route, yet he “runs” the church. Scientology could restore its image by offering free services ( by students) to returning military and fostering self auditing on the levels.Instead, it has become all about money.

    9. Greg Barnes says:

      Having been a member for 20 years and leaving Scientology of my own accord I am happy to see that again top executives are stating what has been said for years.

      My family and I experienced fair game and were lied about our business attacked while living in Clearwater in 1999-2000 .

      I not after destroying Scientology but like the Catholic Church, Scientology can no longer keep pointing the finger at others and start fessing up to its corrupt and illegal behavior.

    10. greg barnes says:

      Having been a member for 20 years and leaving Scientology voluntarily I was shocked and horrified that the years of defending the COS after all the articles in newspapers and magazines and TV programs critizing Scientology were all true.

      Lies were printed and published by the COS so that our story would not be believed. The COS unleashed the Fair Game policy on us as well as our business. To realize that an organization that you thought and were taught was the most ethical group on the planet was actually one of the most corrupt,deceitful organizations we ever experienced.

      It is embarrassing to say the least that it took us so long to find out the truth. I am not out to destroy the COS but like the Catholic Church can no longer hide its crimes the COS needs to fess up and change.

      Can the thousands of members who have left Scientology all be wrong and lieing? Why is it that most of the people who leave Scientology and speak out about it, have been members for 15 years or longer and have spent hundreds of thousands in Scientology?

      Why have soo many ex high level executives left and speak out or are financially settled upon to not say anything ?

      The truth about Scientology has been told for years and Anderson Cooper is just one of many journalists who have and are again stating the truth. If his story helps just a few either leave or not get involved he did well.

    11. GB Randolph says:

      Ho hum. Another forthright media expose on the scandalous Church of Scientology. What is the anti-Scientology media trying to prove? They’ve been attacking the Church since the ’50’s and yet the religion continues to grow. If Scientology is as bad as its critics claim it is, why hasn’t it folded after all this time? Could it be, a more horrible truth absolutely unbearable to its critics and detractors, that there might be something actually GOOD about it?

    12. kal says:

      I agree with GB, if Scientology was so horrible, it wouldn’t have so many members. There are crooks in every faith/religion/group…Anderson isn’t there a better story worth telling?

    13. Tracy C says:

      Looks like Scientology is sending out all their trolls to the CNN comment board.

    14. TomD says:

      This is sorta cool, watching the scientology robotic minions perform their internet posting tasks.

    15. MN says:

      I’ve listened to this CNN stuff on my XM radio driving to and from work. Don’t feel one way or the other about this so-called church. But I do find it interesting how the divorceés are responded with like terms, same instances making it sound rehearsed somehow. First of all, why would anybody ask a divorced wife and expect the truth? If any one asked me about my 1st husband, I wouldn’t be able to find anything nice to say about him. This, in itself, sounds strange. Any time a particular church, cult, belief becomes popular there are those that attack it. The Mormons have always been a target, the Catholics, the Republicans, the Democrats, the whites, the blacks, the Muslims. It’s all the same. Anyone that rocks the boat gets attacked. I am a bit disappointed that Anderson Cooper has jumped into the middle of the fray. I would think that CNN would find something better to do a story on than this. People will believe what they want. We really don’t need CNN trying to drive belief one way or the other.

    16. Luigi says:

      It is not true the statement that this “church” has many people in it… the numbers have been declining year by year…the member needs to have money, because they are money suckers or sign bilion years contracts of slavery — I for one I don’t know one person that belongs to this… I am thankful for that! It is so bad that I don’t know how this still exists… such cults should not be given taxes brakes -this is just a money machine to catch naive people to wash their brains and transform them into to robots incapable of saying anything bad about the church — they will turn againts their own children, husbands and mothers for the church! They have evil practices… harassing, brain washing, bringing people down and ruining the business of people that leaves the church. They will tranform your life into hell — get out as fast as you can! They are desparate about the decline and trying to do everythin in their power to hide their decline.

    17. Henk says:

      I have been a member of the church for 17 years.
      Although I never held a management position, I can attest that people within the church will do literally anything to protect the church against any negative or critical statements, because they feel their eternity is at stake.
      They will lie about anything “if necessary.”
      They will deny anything negative.
      They would even kill their critics if they had the chance.
      I know that, because I was inside for 17 years!
      They statements which you read here which are defending the church are most likely from Scientologists who are still in the church.

    18. Henk says:

      The church denies strongly that they use a policy of disconnection from other people who are critical about the church, so called SP’s. (Suppressive Persons.)
      This is a lie and anyone who has been in Scientology for a while KNOWS it is a lie.
      Apparently those people who accused the church had been married when they were in the church. And now they all have been divorced. How accidental.
      No disconnection policy? No breaking up of families?

    19. Kaede says:

      Just a note of correction:
      Scientologys numbers in the united states, as of 2008 were at 25000 which is down from 55000 in 2000.

      Also, people would do well to look into scientology controversy.

      Paulette cooper in operation freak out
      Operation Snow White.The largest infiltration of the U.S. Government by a non-foreign national group.
      The Death and circumstances behind the death of Lisa Mcpherson.

      Oh and my favorite:
      Fair Game policy.

      Scientology was further turned away due to dangerous practices in Haiti and it’s leader has a long history of Abuse.

      This can all be found in the public domain. But if that is not enough, read up on L Ron Hubbard, his claims (As per scientologists) then Check out his military and medical records.

      L Ron Lied about nearly everything about himself and intentionally set out to elevate himself in status. If that isn’t enough, then simply read a piece of Blue sky.

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