Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien – The sequel to the popular children’s television show, Ben 10 premiered last night. The show has gained a large following and a large amount of popularity over the course of the last few years and has continued to garner great ratings with repeats of the movie constantly playing on Cartoon Network. Network executives have said that the sequel will be “extremely exciting”, and other network executives have speculated that they believe fans of the original will be more than pleased with the second offering. It was not immediately clear if they have plans for a third movie, but with the raging success of the first and the predicted success of the second, you can bet that they will want to be extending the franchise in the future.

There will also be a number of action figures that will be released in conjunction with the premiere. Certain pieces of the premiere were leaked online before the network could put a stop to them. It was not clear who was behind the leaking of the footage, but some have speculated that an individual involved with the company more than likely had to leak the footage. Ben 10 is among the most popular shows for children currently on television today. They have seen a large amount of success, and have even earned some awards on their way to becoming one of the most anticipated children’s movie production companies currently putting out material.

Ben 10 was originally funded by a number of celebrities and parent companies who felt that the show would have a future on Cartoon Network. The show continues to garner some of the largest ratings that the network has seen that did not include shows from their Adult Swim programming block. It would make sense that a deal would be forthcoming that would keep the cartoon on the network for a few more seasons at the very least. Representatives from the network and the studio have not yet commented on any contract negotiations.

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