Bethenny Frankel Wedding Photos $10K

Bethenny Frankel Wedding Photos $10K – Bethenny Frankel has made headlines in recent weeks after appearing on The Real Housewives of New York City. The young star has been able to sell her image using a number of different cook books and dieting products. She has been a poster women for a number of different weight loss oriented lines that have helped her to further herself in the industry. However, the fact is that Bethenny Frankel remains a reality star, a class of celebrity that, as a whole, has had problems capitalizing on the success that they have found. She was willing to sell her wedding photos initially, reports several different sources, but apparently has not been happy with the offers that were made. Some have speculated that she may be using the sale of her wedding photos to help her garner interest from networks in giving her a reality show of her own.

It was not immediately clear how much she was going to receive for her wedding photos, but a later report stated that the star would only be able to receive $10K for the wedding photos that she originally tried to pitch as a six figure commodity. While most said that she would never be able to receive the amount that she was asking for the photos, she continued to try to sell the idea to a number of major magazines including Life And Style, Us Weekly, In Touch, and People. Apparently none of the magazines bit on the offer, and she was only able to sell her weddings photos for $10,000. The situation servers as further proof that becoming a reality star in no way means that you will be able to sell your image (past a few night club appearances), and many have wondered if Frankel might be taking it too far in trying to sell photos from what was supposed to be her most special day in her life.

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    1. Betty Raney says:

      stop calling the papers. Bethenny had a show called “bethenny’s getting married” being made so she us fortunate to be able to enjoy her special day and also get offers for her photos etc. Regardless if the price, every celebrity’s publicist always manages the sale of the photos. Why is it suddenly negative when Bethenny didn’t hold out for the bug cash as I heard she didn’t?

    2. Betty Raney says:

      That was typed on my iPhone so excuse the typos such as bug cash rather than big cash! I can’t type on this phone with it’s corrective spell function!

    3. rhnj says:

      Who cares? Nobody wants to see a pregnant woman stuffed into a wedding dress like a wiener dog.

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