Brad Womack Chantal O’Brien: The Bachelor 2011 Winner

Although the fifteenth season of ‘The Bachelor’ has just begun, it seems that a few spoilers have been leaked, and the results of the show have now come to light. Brad Womack is the latest Bachelor on the show, although this isn’t his first time appearing on the reality TV series.

He was featured in an earlier season, but said that he did not find true love and decided not to propose to any of the contestants. However, it looks like this year will hold a different outcome.

Although Womack starts off with 30 women to choose, from, he quickly narrows that down to the final four. These last remaining women are Shawntel Newton, Ashley Hebert, Emily Maynard, and Chantal O’Brien. These four are asked on overnight dates, however, eliminations follow quickly afterwards.

Newton is the first of the four to be eliminated, followed by Hebert. The last two women standing are Maynard and O’Brien. Maynard is 24, and has a 5-year old daughter, who’s father is the late Ricky Hendrick.

O’Brien is 28, and works for her father, who is the owner of the O’Brien Auto Group chain. And the winner of Womack’s heart? It looks like Chantal O’Brien is the one who makes it to the end.

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