Brandy Kuentzel & Clint Robertson: Who Will Win The Apprentice Season Finale 2010?

The season finale of “The Apprentice” has arrived, and it’s bringing some chaos with it. The show opened up with the firing of Liza Mucheru. Trump told her that, although she was “outstanding in every way”, she was lacking in the type of interpersonal skills that he felt was valuable for the Trump empire.

Mucheru said, “I really value Mr. Trump’s opinion and to hear that he didn’t think I get along with people really hurt. It’s hard to know that I got so close.”

After she was let go, the finale was down to Brandy Kuentzel and Clint Robertson, who both had to assemble a team of assistants from some of the fired contestants. Kuentzel chose Mucheru, Stephanie Castagnier, and Anand Vasudev. Robertson went with Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy, Poppy Carlig, and Steurt.

Each team was assigned to plan a different event, with Kuentzel having to organize a VIP golf tournament, and Robertson required to host a dinner gala starring Liza Minnelli.

Both teams had their fair share of trouble, with photographers getting lost, caterers calling late, favors getting mixed up, and a general sense of chaos at either event.

Part 2 will air next week, and the outcome of the events will be revealed.

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    1. joe says:

      I really hope brandy wins. I can never take Clint seriously. I dont think anyone in New York will either. Although he may seem intelligent. Brandy seems far superior. Ps. not for ad hominem or anything I hate clint’s dumb smirk.

    2. IThink says:

      Clint may be discarded, Trump does not like heavyweights.

    3. tracy 111 says:

      Clint is a stand up guy and Brandy is only in the finals because she was so stealthy early on. Clint has been out there being who he is from the get-go and he’s got the chops and the heart to do whatever is required of him. With a 2 thousand dollar suit and a little coaching, he could be his own version of Donald Trump himself–and he can be trusted. He’s not a sneak. I am rooting for Clint.

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