Brian Van Holt And Courteney Cox Involved?

Brian Van Holt And Courteney Cox Involved? – A recent rumor has stated that Brian Van Holt could be the reason behind the Courteney Cox and David Arquette separation. He plays the role of her ex-husband on her new hit TV show “Cougar Town.” The rumors have suggested that Holt and Cox have been hitting it off on set and might have a secret relationship going on behind the scenes. Cox and Arquette released a joint statement on Monday, saying that they have been separated for a number of months but are comfortable in the boundaries that they have set for one another after Arquette was spotted out with another woman, not wearing his wedding ring.

The rumors have quickly made their way through the magazines and blog sites.Now, Radar Online and other news outlets are reporting that the on stage connection between Holt and Cox may have made its way off stage as well.

Cox has seen resurgence in her career since the debut of her new hit show “Cougar Town.” She even brought in Jennifer Aniston to make a cameo appearance to keep the ratings up and get the show renewed for a second season. It will be interesting to see if the Holt and Cox rumor is true. So far, it appears that Arquette and Cox are willing to work out their issues despite the fact they have an open marriage going on.

Brian Van Holt’s sister Heather Van Holt told Radar Online he is ‘not romantically involved’ with Courteney Cox.

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