Bridget Marquardt Nicholas Carpenter Reality Show

Bridget Marquardt Nicholas Carpenter Reality Show – It seems like everyone wants their own reality television show now doesn’t it? Whenever there’s an actress or actor that attracts a little more attention than the rest of the bunch, they all shoot for their chance to score their own reality television show. Well it’s all great but you have to make it worth watching! Some other actresses who have managed to do the same include Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison. You be the judge of whether those are successful and worth your watch approval.

Regardless, this hot young actress and her boyfriend have been selected to be the very stars of their own television show. This former Girl Next Door star who looks better than ever couldn’t deserve the opportunity more. She looks amazing and I can say that there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t mind watching this reality show to pass some time. Her boyfriend, Nicholas Carpenter is going to be joining her with the production of the show which is said to be shot this month. It will cover all of the details about their lives after the Mansion, moving on with their lives, and of course about their relationship.

The directory says hes not worried at all about whats going to be shot for the camera. There is plenty to record of this feisty young couple.

Bridget’s mom apparently wants her own time with the camera too because when Bridget went to her boyfriend telling him how excited her mother was about their upcoming shoot Nicholas responded: “She just wants to get back on TV….. that mother of yours.” I bet that’s going to make things a little awkward when she hears of his response! We will just have to tune in to find out how this one turns out.

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