Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Winner?

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Winner? – Will Bristol Palin make it to the finale of “Dancing With the Stars” season 11? You betcha!

Bristol Palin may have finished last in Monday night’s edition of “Dancing With the Stars” with partner Mark Ballas with the final score of 53 points out of a possible 60 but with a mother named Sarah Palin who has her own hit reality show behind her and the support of an entire political movement casting their votes for the young mother, we think she might win the dancing competition.

But do not expect Miss Palin to acknowledge that the Tea Partiers are supporting her, au contraire, the almost first daughter is denying the story, telling told E! News:

“Think of all the people out there who hate my mom.Why don’t we talk about that? It can work both ways with me being Sarah Palin’s daughter.”

Jennifer Grey and Brandy who have been landing perfect scores week after week may lose to Miss Palin because people love an underdog – and Bristol has been the underdog.

The young woman has no dancing experience and keeps improving every – time we see her.

So do you think she will?

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    1. Rosalyn says:

      Yes, well wouldn’t that be nice. If in fact the purpose of this show is to show how someone can basically transform from a non-dancing person to a great dancing person (not a professional jsut getting back into the scene i.e., Jennifer, who has been a dancer all along as we know from ‘Dirty Dancing’, which I loved and still like to watch now. But she , Jennifer, is already a pro, then yes Bristol can and should. Quite frankly, Jennifer is in a different class of dancers, so its surprising she’s in the show with this group of people given her background. It’s like a professional athelete going up against an amateur1

    2. donna says:

      Why are people judging Bristol cause she is Sarah Palin’s daughter? We are heard the judges lastnight, how much is has improved…..She is really trying…Why are there any negitive comments about Jennifer who as her father said “a dancer since she was born”, this show is suppose to be about “Stars” who do not dance….so why is Jennifer in it? Also, Brandy she has danced before remember her early videos???? I’ve read alot of negitive comments about Bristol having a baby withour being married, well so did Brandy….I don’t hear anything about that. Bristol is not a great dancer like Jennifer and Brandy but you have to agree she is the “Most” improved. I think the show should just between Kyle and Bristol the two “non dancers”…..Everyone loves the underdog and that’s why Bristol is still in. Her mother has nothing to do with it. I am a liberal and I vote for Bristol everyweek cause I feel she deserves it. A ugly duckling has been formed into a beautiful swan…..You go Bristol……………..

      • Bkm says:

        That is all so true. You are right 100percent. All the haters just trash talk and add no intelligent comments about palin being up against experienced dancers. Tiger wood would pound an amateur on the links

    3. Cinders says:

      It will be a travesty if Bristol wins. A total farce. We should reward the best dancers and by no stretch of the imagination, is Bristol the best dancer. She is the worst dancer and for the worst dancer to win, that is absolutely ridiculous.

    4. Deb says:

      Donna, I have nothing against Bristol, but if she weren’t Sarah Palin’s daughter she would NEVER have been on the show. As a ‘teen activist’ she has no star power and we would not have heard of her. It is amazing to me that she could think politics have nothing to do with it. She has improved some, but I do not agree that she is the most improved (Audrina was until she was booted off). Much of her waltz was not waltz steps at all, but walking. She is a likeable young lady but not a dancer. Like Len, I love underdogs, but love justice more. Bristol winning would not be justice, in my view.

    5. Sue says:

      The name needs to be changed, because B. Palin isn’t a star. I think it’s a shame she’s stayed on there as long as she has. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Republicans are paying the show to keep her on. Anybody that knows anything about politics, knows that’s what they do.

    6. ruth says:

      This is disgusting–She is no dancer–This show has completely lost its credibility–hope it is discontinued after this year–definitely hypocritical–I f you want to bring people who have never danced and have them compete agasinst each other fine–but don’t call this a dhow about who can really dance–what a rip-off

    7. Clint says:

      My wife and I are amatuer Ball Room Dancers and with the Tea Party Vote pushing Bristol ahead each week the Show
      is a farce! The talented dancers are being betrayed by the judges. Obviously they are Tea Party sympathizers because they know Bristol doesn’t come close to Brandi.
      This popular program is heading to the scrap heap with the Producers mismanagement. Disgusted !

    8. Katy says:

      The judges helped bring her to finals – shame on them for speaking such LIES. She dances like she has a broom up her backside, and they keep saying how great she is – just disgusting! I hope the show is boycotted after she wins – and she will win!

    9. yappycat says:

      Bristal….. wow…. can she dance? NO… she can move on the dance floor…. but Katy is correct… she dances like she has a broom up her hiney… her facial expression is that of a porcelain doll… pretty but never changes…. she isn’t feeling the music…. seems that she is afraid of getting to involved with her partner to enjoy herself. She’s so stiff.

    10. Cory says:

      Here is what so many of you are missing: A HUGE number of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, alike, are voting for Bristol Palin because they can relate to being told they are not enough. Everybody keeps talking about how she is not skilled enough, she not thin enough, she’s not emotive enough…but nobody ever talks about her EFFORT! Nobody seems to care how hard she has been working. Well, lots of Americans can relate to that. In my opinion, Bristol Palin is THE PEOPLES’ DANCER! And when she dances, she is dancing for all of us Americans who have been told we are not enough…that we’re not pretty/handsome enough, that we’re not smart enough, that we’re not talented enough, that we’re not thin enough, etc. If I have my way, Bristol Palin will win the whole thing! GO BRISTOL PALIN, THE PEOPLES’ DANCER!!!

      • Beth says:

        The show is called Dancing with the stars. The whole purpose of the show is to have a professional dancer dance with a celebrity-star. Bristol Palin is not a celebrity. She should not be on the show. We, the people who are not dancers watch the show to see our favorite celebrities perform. If Bristol wins, it will not be because she can dance, nor will it be because she is a celebrity. If she had any credibility about herself, she would not have accepted her fake win over Brandy. Her drive to — show what she calls “haters” — to push more, is only going to make the “so-called haters” push more, too. So in other words, “come on with it!” People will soon get tired of the Palin’s unfair tactics, and will fight against them if they keep it up. It’s okay to be popular, but it’s not okay to be unfair to the millions of Americans watching. She will become labeled as a fake and never taken seriously.

    11. Aldonza says:

      The travesty is that Bristol Palin is on the show at all. I have no argument with the notion that she’s tried very hard to improve–but how is she a star?

      Casting her on the show was a cynical political stunt. If I were looking for an underdog, I’d vote for Kyle. But I’m voting for the outstanding *dancer*, Jen (and having some dancing experience in an acting career in the 80s hardly makes her a “professional dancer.”)

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