Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars: White Powder Fan Mail & Threats

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars: White Powder Fan Mail & Threats – Studio officials have announced that an envelope containing a mysterious white powder was sent to the set of Dancing with the Stars with Bristol Palin’s name on it recently.

A staff member of the studio apparently found the envelope containing the white powder followed a by a threat directed at Palin on Friday.

Both police and emergency services arrived at the studio and cleared out the entire area until they could determine the nature of the situation and exactly what the white powder was. A short time after the incident, ABC released a statement to the press that the white powder found in the envelope was completely harmless.

The network commented that a letter which contained an unknown white powder was sent to the studio on Friday and police investigated thoroughly until it was determined that no threat was posed by the substance in the envelope.

First the area was secured by the LAFD until the substance in the envelope was confirmed to be talcum powder.

Even though initial testing did not reveal anything dangerous about the white powder, it has been sent to an FBI lab facility for further testing so it can be determined whether or not it contains something other than talcum powder.

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    1. Nate says:

      Hey kids… you to can be a “star”. Just have a failed politician for a mother and get knocked up in high school. This stuff makes me ashamed to be an American.

      • Roy says:

        Hey, kids, stay in school. Reading comprehension can help you make relevant comments.

        Some form of education might also help you to recognize that sending death threats and anthrax scare mail is more shameful than that some people like someone that you don’t.

    2. CJ says:

      She looks older than her mom!

    3. Datadog says:

      Why hate on this girl? She’s just taking advantage of opportunities presented to her.

      The real people to focus a little venom on are never in-front of the camera anyway. They lie behind the stars, the politicians, the system. We remain easily distracted (myself included) as our money is devalued and our liberties are eroded.

    4. Paul Lincoln says:

      This is a one life opportunity for someone to participate in the contest. Even though she might get a low scores from the judges, only the VOTERS like you can make a difference to let her achieve her dreams.

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