Bristol Palin On Dancing With The Stars Drama

Bristol Palin On Dancing With The Stars Drama – Although Bristol Palin has consistently found herself on the bottom of the scoreboard during her run on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be kicked out the competition just yet. “I know I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I definitely feel like I’m the most improved dancer on this show—so I’m comfortable with that,” she said.

Many have criticized Palin, and the show itself, claiming that the voting has been based on popularity, not on dancing like it should be. Others are wondering if the voting has been rigged so that Palin would make it through to the finals.

However, Palin isn’t letting the naysayers get her down, and is very excited about appearing on the finals. “I’m thrilled! It hasn’t fully sunk in for me. I know we’re in the finals, but it doesn’t seem real yet,” she said.

Her partner, Mark Ballas, believes that Palin remaining on the show isn’t as shocking as everyone is making it out to be. “It’s not as crazy as when Sabrina Bryan went home, or [when] Joanna Kripa went home, Or Jennie Garth going home, or Mel B not winning…same story, different day, you know?” he said

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