Camille Grammer Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It looks like America will be losing the housewife they most love to hate. Camille Grammer, the estranged and almost ex-wife of actor Kelsey Grammer, has recently decided that she will be leaving “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as soon as possible.

Grammer was recently voted “America’s Most Hated Housewife” by a tabloid magazine, and it looks like she is tired of airing her dirty laundry for all of the public to see.

She originally signed up to do the show because her former husband persuaded her to take the plunge, and she is now reconsidering her priorities and whether or not remaining on reality TV is one of them.

According to TMZ, Grammer and the main heads of Bravo TV Network are currently working through a settlement and figuring out the terms of her departure.

However, publicist for Grammer, Howard Bragman, recently released a statement saying, “She has not made any decision yet about whether she’s returning to the show or not.

Camille’s situation has changed since the show began. She did the show because Kelsey wanted her to do it and now she’s a single mother…this is not the time for her to make a decision about the show.”

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    1. Kathy Collins says:

      I think she has seen how she looks to the world on the show. She is so stuck on herself that she comes off as a total b****, who thinks the world is jealious of herand that its ok to kiss her friends husbands as if the cameras were not rolling. Perhaps Celsey saw what was going on also, behind his back. So…. if she leaves, fine. Just dont beg her to stay….I think thats what she wants.

    2. sherobes says:

      All of the Housewives look like they need too eat something with a little animal fat, the new woman in Kelsey Grammer life look normal.
      The Beverly Hill branch of the series all of the House wives look under nourish…please eat some real food you guys all look like middle aged plastic surgery junkies, with eating disorders

    3. Delores says:

      From what I’ve seen, she’s the only one who is NOT a self-absorbed idiot. Rock on, Camille!

    4. Texanne says:

      After she gets her big settlement from Kelsey, why would she even want to do the “Housewives” show anymore? I’d be sitting on a beach sipping a big fat drink.

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