CBS Cancels Medium – Patricia Arquette TV Show Ending In January 2011

CBS Cancels Medium – Patricia Arquette TV Show Ending In January 2011 – Recently CBS has made a rather big decision in pulling the show “Medium” off the air, which means that it has now been canceled a total of two times.

The news was confirmed when Glenn Gordon Caron revealed it on a forum post which can be found on the CBS website. It says that Allison Dubois is officially finished on the show and that it will not be coming back for another season. As of right now it is unclear just why the show has been cancelled, considering the decent amount of popularity it acquired from fans over the years.

Apparently the series has had plans of being cancelled for quite some time but now CBS has decided to put the final nail in its coffin. Even the star of the show, Patricia Arquette, has been quoted as saying that the show is unfortunately coming to a close once and for all.

Although fans are hoping for yet another revival, it isn’t likely according to a number of people who are involved with the show. CBS picked it up after NBC cancelled it back in 2009, something which very rarely happens with any television show. Usually when a show gets cancelled the first time, it is the last time.

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    1. Ann H says:

      I can’t believe this show is being cancelled! There are very few decent shows on TV. One comes along and BANG- its cancelled. TOOOOOOO many reality shows. What is wrong with the television industry. It isn’t worth having TV anymore, if shows such as Medium is cancelled!! FED UP!!!!

    2. elise says:

      I am also really disappointed with CBS. I loved this show and was shocked when I realized it was the series finale…

    3. Micah says:

      At first, I was really upset with how the show ended and was right there along with everyone else in the disbelief that Joe was killed. On the upside, this was the only way the show could have ended. I loved the fact that she waited for Joe even after 41 years and the way she died–hearing her great-granddaughter’s voice. I watched the show 5 days ago and the ending is still haunting me. I will really miss the show. It was one of my favorites and something I looked forward to on a friday night.

    4. Sheila Johns says:

      This was my favorite show to watch. I looked so forward to it each week. It seems all the networks want now is crap. There is not really very good drama shows any more. It seems every show that is pretty good, they cancel it. They were all good actors and really played their roles well. It will be greatly missed by me and my friends.

    5. Suzy Amidon says:

      This show had it all, wonderful talent, great family values, scenes that generated chills. It’s sad that CBS would cancel such a wholesome series in favor of most of the drivel that’s out there now. I will sorely miss the family interactions, the genuinely spooky story lines, and the twists and turns. The chemistry between Ms. Arquette and Mr. Weber was artful craft and wonderful to watch. I hope that something approaching this show’s caliber will emerge again someday. Thanks CBS for picking it up this last year…you might consider a “movie of the week” in the future – it would get a great market share!

    6. Len says:

      I too agree with a majority of the comments here; it was a great show, one of my favorites. Seems it was very popular, which means CBS was making good money on advertisements. Pulling the plug does not make any financial sense. I assume there are other reasons that it was cancelled? We can only hope that another network that is financially savy and into good wholesome entertainment will pick it up again. The final “nail” can always be reverted to another one of Allison’s dreams, that Joe really didn’t pass away.

    7. medium fan says:

      Oh my god…… How could they cancel the show….. i no mood… already …. FYI , i still watching at Esp2 at this moment . lol..

    8. Tracy says:

      My family was in shock after watching the last episode, as we had no idea they show had been cancelled. How depressing! This was a show that our entire family looked forward to every week. Superb acting and scripts ~ I am disgusted with CBS for cancelling it. They really missed the mark on this one.

    9. Jeri says:

      I just watched the “last episode” not knowing that the show had been cancelled. Are you kidding me?? It’s my favorite show that I have watched from the beginning. I am angry at this cancellation & CBS. I loved the interaction of all of the characters! What, not enough sex or violence to satisfy the execs at CBS? FX is looking better to me all the time & hey, maybe they’ll pick up where CBS left off & put this show on again.

    10. Connie Anderson says:

      I LOVED this program! My daughter & I watched it together. I don’t watch many shows so I’m really going to miss it. Bad move!

    11. Donna Buchheit says:

      I am so disappointed with CBS for canceling Medium!!!!!! Bad enough when you took of Ghost Whisperer now Medium!!!!!!!. It just goes to show that the Viewers do not matter!!!!. CBS was my favorite channel to watch but now I have decided it is not the one I care to watch since you pulled this on your viewers. To many CSI’S, Reality programs, cop shows that we all had enough. You really blew it CBS, and I am not the only one that thinks so!!. So smarten up and bring back our programs and if you don’t, we can only hope that another channel will air Medium, and maybe Ghost Whisperer will come back with new programs……a very bad move CBS!!!!!!

    12. Lori Leary says:

      My husband and I couldn’t believe what we were watching and extremely disappointed to learn CBS has cancelled Medium. We are so sick and tired of “reality shows” and the “drivel” that is offered to the viewer. We hope CBS will reconsider and bring it back, but we don’t have much faith in that. Since network TV has turned it’s back on viewers, I guess it’s time for us to start watching more cable stations and show the networks we don’t approve of their decisions. Wake up CBS, all your viewers are not 20 somethings with low values and no taste.

    13. Sandra Olsen says:

      After real Allison Dubois made her hideous appearance on Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, I wondered how it would take for the network to distance itself from her. Don’t know if the two are linked but I’ll bet the network breathed a sign of relief after they saw how she behaved on tape. It was shocking to someone who enjoyed the show.

      • Mary says:

        I think you are correct on this and it was pretty shocking conduct. Also did you know that Kelsey Grammer was the producer of the show (Medium) and since this is his soon to be x-wife’s friend, well you can imagine.

      • Karen says:

        It’s sad to see anyone self destruct so publically, whether or not they appear to be deserving of karma, After the RH BH disasster dinner episode, I would be surprised if anyone picked up Medium for reruns. I suppose the best result would be Allison sees herself objectively, has the stomach to digest the huge slice of humble pie set before her, and decides to make some real changes that would enrich lives (including her and her family) rather than spread that kind of negativity.

    14. Jennifer says:

      Why! It’s the one show, my husband and I both enjoyed. I was puzzled when the show ended funny, and then when it wasnt on the following week, I had a feeling it was cancelled. They never even let us know. Loved the show, loved the characters, Love the Dubouis. Sorry to see you go!

    15. Nancy Wright says:

      I can not believe the show has been cancelled. It was the best show on Tv, the only one that was not a CSI which I am totally sick of. I am so going to miss this show, I have enjoyed every episode and I just wanted to say it is so wrong to cancel a show that is so good every week. Loved the characters and nothing can replace it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Hayley says:

      I live in the U.K so i haven’t even seen any of Season 7 yet but can’t believed it’s cancelled and now i’ve read who dies so that does not sound very happy :-(. I

    17. Hayley says:

      I live in the U.K so i haven’t even seen any of Season 7 yet but can’t believed it’s cancelled and now i’ve read who dies so that does not sound very happy :-(. I have not seen this real housewives Beverly hills thing but i do not really believe if she acted like an idiot they should axe a show watched by millions of people, how she acts in real life is not any reflection on her brilliant acting throughout 7 seasons of the show! I will miss this show a lot and am also angry that CBS axed ghost whisperer!! I live in the U.K my T.V shows are limited pretty much everything i watch is American so CBS please do not cancel any other decent shows such as…i love Supernatural although i can see this coming to an end soon, i love Dexter this is a brilliant show so leave that one alone too! Big mistake cancelling Medium!!

    18. NunyaCarley says:

      Does it surprise anyone? They did the same thing with Jerico

    19. stephanie says:

      I am so upset cbs took medium off the air, didn’t see that one coming. I hope they bring it back it was an awesome show I looked forward to watching every Friday. I hope cbs knows what they are doing because from the looks of it they dont alot of people are very mad over it. Bring medium back!!!!!!

    20. sandra says:

      why was it cancelled?

    21. Suzanne says:

      Can’t believe this show is over :(. Every week I’m always looking forward to watch it. The final episode was really sad :(. Just can’t believe it’s over. I will miss it.

    22. Lana says:

      I was very upset about Medium being cancelled. I looked forward to it every week, in fact it was my favorite show on the air. I really wish it would be back.I missi so much. Nothing compares to it.

    23. Karen says:

      If you watch Bravo’ RH BH, you’ll ass the Real Allison Dubois. My psychic abilities predict you’ll stop wondering why.

    24. Karen says:

      Honest to God Freusian slip: When I posted, I meant to write: …… if you watch Bravo’s RH BH, you’ll SEE (not “ass” the real Allison…….

      I should have proofread.

    25. Karen says:

      This was a “family” show? Just curious after seeing the real Allison Dubois on Real Housewives BH. Congrats to Patricia Arquette and the writers of Medium for making the TV version so watchable.

      Dubois claims to work as a consultant for the show, If her real life personality is similar to the way she portrayed herself on reality TV, I’m not surprised the show was cancelled. It seems like she could be difficult to work with.

    26. Cindy says:

      I was so saddened to hear they cancelled Medium, it was a very good show which there aren’t many on tv anymore! It was interesting to figure out the mysteries like she did!
      Shame on you NBC!!

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