Charlie’s Angels TV Remake With Lucy Liu And Rihanna

Charlie’s Angels TV Remake With Lucy Liu And Rihanna – It appears as if there is interest in Hollywood for a “Charlie’s Angels” television series remake. The television series, which was popular over thirty years ago, was also remade for the silver screen several years ago. The movie that was released featured Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz alongside her. Reportedly Lucy Liu and Rihanna have been courted in recent days for the starring positions in the soon to be television remake.
The series will reportedly feature episodes that are one hour in length. Insiders have said that the potential series could produce a large amount of revenue, especially if they are able to recruit Hollywood heavyweights Lucy Liu and Rihanna to star in it. The original series also featured some heavyweights of that era, including Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Laclyn Smith. Many have credited the TV series with launching the careers of the young actresses and allowing them to explore other opportunities within the industry.

It is unclear at this point if either of the actresses have agreed to star in the new television series. Rihanna has very limited acting experience, having only guest starred on television controls before. Rihanna has also recently been linked to the 1985 film The Last Dragon. This would be Rihanna’s silver screen debut. Rihanna saw a resurgence in popularity after her very public domestic abuse dispute with former boyfriend and R&B singer, Chris Brown. Lucy Liu, however, has not seen a lot of success in recent years after her last two television series, “Cashmere Mafia” and “Dirty Sexy Money” were both cancelled having never made it past their second season. It is not clear at this point that if the show was given the go ahead, that it would be available in time for next fall’s television season. Rihanna currently has several tours planned between now and then.

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