Charlie Sheen Eyes Sobriety With Rehab Stint

Charlie Sheen had to face the remarkable challenge of admitting he had a problem and then finding a treatment facility that would help him with his issues. Sheen’s manager Mark Burg told that although his client had difficulties picking a program.

His manager added that every rehabilitation facility in the country was after him for his money because the TV/movie star is willing to do whatever it takes to get sober. Drawing on the strength and support of his friends and family he was finally able to decide on one.

Burg serves not only as Sheen’s manager but also the producer of Two and a Half Men, saying that currently there isn’t any kind of time frame for Sheen to come back to the series. It has officially gone in hiatus because of the star’s entering into a rehabilitation program for his various undisclosed addictions.

Sheen’s family has expressed their concern with exposing their children to their father’s public problems which are getting a lot of media coverage right now because of his celebrity status. His ex wife Denise Richards is currently the one protecting his children from the media circus that seems to never end.

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