Charlie Sheen Leaving CBS Two And A Half Men?

Charlie Sheen Leaving CBS Two And A Half Men? – Charlie Sheen the star of CBS’ American television comedy called Two and a Half men is reportedly leaving the show. The series has been around for seven seasons. Charlie who was there since the beginning now says that he is done and he’s not coming back. Most of his fans are very disappointed but they understand why he has made this decision.

The eighth season is coming up and the network was going to try and get him to sign the contract for that season. Instead of signing it he turned it down because he is ready to move on with his life. Part of the reason might be because of all the things that happened to him recently and with the domestic violence charges that stemmed up against him after a huge fight with Brooke Mueller who is his wife. He went to rehab after that happened and goes there every single night when he’s finished with work for the day. It can sometimes be very tiring for him having to go back and forth when he just wants to focus right now on recovery and getting his life back together again. The sitcom is a big distraction for him right now while he is trying to do that.

Did CBS and the media put a lot of pressure on him after the charges? Some agree and others don’t. His decision to not go back was his idea and so that has people wondering if maybe the media could be somewhat to blame. Maybe he is just trying to start a new life and overcome his problems. This alone time might be the thing that could really help him. What do you think? Should he go back to work or stop? I think that if he is not ready then he is doing the right thing.

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    1. holdoutcharlie says:

      hold out for Seinfeld money, he got $250m for his last season and your worth that.

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