Charlie Sheen Two And A Half Men Return

Charlie Sheen Two And A Half Men Return – Charlie Sheen, who has seen his fair share of legal trouble throughout his long career, will be returning to work at his sitcom, “2 and A Half Men” toward the end of the week. Sheen filed a not guilty plea earlier this week on the charges of domestic violence. While Sheen is more than likely happy to put the incident behind him and get back to work, the judge is expected to make a ruling on the case some time in the coming months.
Charlie Sheen appeared in court wearing a black suit and a matching tie. The court house was located in Aspen, Colorado where the original incident took place. Charlie Sheen is facing a potential felony charges for felony menacing. Many who have speculated on that charge believe that the felony charge may be lessened or dropped at the time of sentencing. Sheen first took his leave from his popular sitcom at the end of February when the current accusations made by his girlfriend first arose. The studio that produces “2 and a Half Men” decided not to comment in detail on the situation until the judge had made his final decision on the matter.
The original incident took place on Christmas Day, when police were called to a rental home near a skiing resort in Aspen, Colorado. Sheen’s wife had alleged that he had held her down to the ground with a knife held to her throat. Both Sheen and his wife have received professional help following the incident at separate facilities, and both have claimed that they would like to remain together despite the incident. It is unclear at this time if they have been in contact since the incident, but in the state of Colorado following any domestic violence case there is a 90 period where neither party may contact each other.

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