Chuck Lorre Ending Charlie Sheen’s Show “Two And A Half Men”?

TMZ just posted a note from what’s called “The Official Vanity Card Archives” from Chuck Lorre himself in which he rambles on about all sorts of things that the website is interpreting as saying in a round about way that the show itself is over.

Lorre doesn’t say that directly from what you can read there but it’s obvious that he’s totally upset about a lot of things.

As most people on Earth know already is that actor Charlie Sheen had been handling some personal problems and when the media started speculating and causing trouble, Sheen got on the radio and went crazy on them. CBS which broadcasts Sheen’s tv show “Two and a Half Men” decided to cancel the show for the rest of the season due to Sheen’s actions.

Sheen then let loose more barrages against CBS and it’s executives in a way we rarely see celebrities of his magnitude do. Sheen’s show is actually the #1 sitcom on television and CBS’ strongest family show and is providing the network untold amounts of money. Chuck Lorre, the producer is obviously not happy either at Sheen and his responses so it’s probably not over for “Two and a Half Men” until we see what the real deal is.

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