Conan O’Brien TBS Talk Show

Conan O’Brien TBS Talk Show – It looks like Conan O’Brien has found his new television home after a long battle with the network that previously employed the funnyman. The fact that O’Brien has chosen to go with a cable television network and not a broadcast network says quite a bit about the direction that the television market is heading in. As a former host of the “Tonight Show” it was assumed that Conan could pretty much have gone any where that he pleased as soon as his contract allowed him to return to television. Conan will be making his comeback on the cable television station TBS, a channel that is owned by Ted Turner and was previously known for re-runs of older shows and Atlanta Braves baseball. “This is the day that the last brick wall fell down between broadcast and cable,” said Steve Koonin, who is the president of Turner Entertainment Networks.

O’Brien was handed the Tonight Show when Jay Leno chose to “retire.” However, it was later announced that Leno would be receiving his own prime time talk show when Conan took over the reigns of the Tonight Show. Geroge Lopez previously hosted a talk show in the time slot that Conan will be receiving from TBS, but has agreed to move his show in midnight in order to make room for the former “Tonight Show” host.
“In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I’m headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly.” Conan joked after the news of his newest position leaked.
TBS is one of the nations oldest cable channels. Landing O’Brien is a huge move for the channel and will likely bring millions of new viewers to the channel, at least initially when Conan begins his new talk show.

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