Conan O’Brien Idol Gives Back Ban

Conan O’Brien Idol Gives Back Ban – Because of certain agreements that were in his parting contract with NBC, Conan O’Brien will not be able to host the American Idol side show, “Idol Gives Back.” The two had been in talks about what they could do that would allow him to do the show without breaching his contract. It had become clear that there were no loopholes in the contract that would allow Conan to host anything on TV for at least another semester. At some point stated in the contract that he signed when he parted with NBC, Conan O’Brien will be allowed to return to television. Unfortunately, that time is not now.

However, the contract does not keep Conan from exploring other ventures that do not include TV appearances. Many have speculated that Conan may want to star in his own movie, or even play himself as a character in a movie. Conan has not commented on these claims, but has said that he thinks that acting in movies would be a fun experience for him and that he hopes that he will be able to in the near future.

It is unclear at this point what his options are, and what Conan will do. The contract that he signed when he parted with NBC seems to be air tight, and will not allow him to appear on TV for quite some months until his contract his null and void. Some have said that Conan has considered holding a standup comedy special that will not air until his contract with NBC is up. Conan himself has not commented on this story, and there have been no further rumors to suggest that it may be in the cards for Conan to return to stand up comedy when he has become so accustomed to holding talk shows over the course of the last few years.

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    1. Emma says:

      Umm, no further rumors that he’s returning to stand-up? How about the fact that his comedy tour is nearly sold out already? I think it’s jumped from rumor to fact already. Way to miss the boat.

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