Criminal Minds Spin Off Forest Whitaker

Criminal Minds Spin Off Forest Whitaker – Criminal Minds showed all of the viewers a bit of a sneak peak of the spin off that is coming our way shortly. Keep in mind that the show has not seen good reviews from the critics, but the fans appear to like the idea. The show is said to be featuring the Academy award winner known as Forest Whitaker who will take a lead role. CBS is striving to create a show that can appeal to the fans as much as Criminal Minds has in the past.

Criminal Minds has undoubtedly succeeded in providing fans an entertaining television show that viewers can find interesting and thought provoking. Lately, the show has drifted a little bit off course with some far fetched episodes that critics are giving harsh reviews. Although, the show tries to show the viewers a different part of television by showing how criminals think and really uncovering what goes on in their minds. This definitely has added some extra appealing features to the show. Not only are you seeing things in an entirely different way than you are used to but the criminals present a striking new way that you can analyze them and see why they commit certain crimes. You’ll find a lot of really interesting characters in the show, all having their unique approach to interrogations and solving the crimes.

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    1. Tami says:

      I thought they were doing a spin off less than 5 minutes into thhe 4/7 ep and to be honest, I was afraid to get excited about it. Hop on Google and suspicions confirmed, now I can’t wait til this fall. With the large following and longevity of the existing Criminal Minds series, maybe it will be safe to get addicted to a fall premeire show. So many shows don’t make it past that first season, if they make it through the first full season, that I get leary about watching new shows. You get addicted and they pull it. It is like a drug dealer testing a new drug with some of these stations. If the drug isn’t quite addictive enough, screw those who do get hooked, go onto a new drug.

      I am really looking forward to the new show this fall and will make sure to set my DVR to catch both the original and the spin off.

    2. nerf says:

      Oh good lord that was a HORRIBLE episode! Hopefully, the eejits will leave well enough alone and just write consistently good CM eps. Thumbs down, CBS.

    3. JC says:

      What fans were you talking about????? Are you seriously blind? The fan boards are lighting up with NEGATIVITY regarding this horrible and contrived episode and idea!! Seriously get your facts right!

      And Nerf, I agree with ya….thumbs down CBS. Leave well enough alone and stick with the original!

    4. Andy says:

      Really bad episode, the story and dialog seem forced and not naturally occurring, sort of like bad product placement. It was the first Criminal Minds episode that I disliked.

    5. PiperGirl says:

      *Loved* the episode, loved the uber cool cast, and can’t wait for the Fall when the spinoff gets regular air time. This is one spinoff about which I am truly excited.

    6. miss morgan says:

      I love Criminal Minds. The spin off seems like it may be aight. But I hate that every show always has a token minority. Why not a two black guys or a black guy and asian guy or asian girl or Latina. It’s so blatant.

      I also hate how they’ll be investigating a scene in barely lit house looking for clues. Little laps will be on, but the house is still dark, I’m sure they’re trying to set the mood, but what FBI investigator looks for evidence in the dark? Why not turn on the freakin light, surely they know how to flick a switch. Just a thought.

      • Judy says:

        Lol….I always think the same thing but that is done on most crime shows. I am always thinking “Turn the freaking lights on!”

    7. harbinger says:

      Unbelievably bad pilot episode, and a real insult to the fans and cast of the original. Another weird thing was the hideous color that they used in the episode. Was it to go along with the whole dumbed-down feel? Like maybe the low-IQ’ed intended audience of this thing also is known to love the color orange? I really thought it was my TV until someone else I know said something about it.

    8. CM_fan says:

      Ok, I am not crazy about the whole spin off thing. Criminal Minds is a great show and unique, and I think it should stay the same way. Although, I have to admit, I like the way they introduced the new cast…I’m not sure about the new cast for the spin off, don’t like the girl, she looks looks fake, sorry to say, and I don’t like the british “pretty boy”. However, I do like the other two!!
      Oh well, let’s see how it turns out. I’ll keep an open mind!

    9. NinJar says:

      What a terrible episode and concept for a spin off. The one cop-drama that was actually watchable is now been tainted with yet another attempt at giving Forest Whitaker a television career. Did anyone not learn from The Shield, that that man does not deserve a multi-episode TV appearance? This show has just been deleted from my DVR list. CBS has just lost another viewer and fan, now not a single show of there’s is worth my time.

    10. Fan from the beginning says:

      I am actually very intrested in the spin-off. I think the espisode did feel a little bit forced, but there is still potential. I want to see how this all plays out before I make any final decision. The NCIS spin off looked good, but once the show started airing I have to say I am not a fan.

    11. Cmfan says:

      I lovvvvvved it n can’t wait I’ll b watchn both !

    12. Richard_Cranium says:

      I for one look forward to a spinoff, much like I liked the three versions of CSI.

    13. Patrick says:

      I’m not usually one for spin offs but .. it’s Forrest Whitaker AND Criminal Minds. How could it go wrong?

    14. Judy says:

      I have always loved Criminal Minds, but I still long for Mandy Patinkin. He stays on a show long enough to make you fall in love with him then hes gone!

    15. BrittReid says:

      it was disappointing…it reminded me of a charlie’s angels episode where they introduced a new team of detectives and announced a spin-off and nothing ever happened…cheesey episodes…

    16. Tracy says:

      I wish CBS would let us watch Criminal Minds online. Something came up and I couldn’t watch it. I would sure like to see it and not have to wait for reruns this summer. I love being able to watch the other CBS shows online at my convenience.

    17. Tony says:

      Guys, give it a chance.
      I know spin offs aren’t great but some grow on you. I didn’t like CSI: New York at first but I think it really developed. Granted CSI: Miami had the reverse effect on me and I never really got into NCIS: Los Angeles.
      I, personally, like Forrest Whitaker and can’t wait. It’s got to go a long way to match the original but it may just fill a gap.
      Give it a go, there’s nothing to stop you turning the TV off if you dont like it.

    18. Lori says:

      I’m not a Forest Whitaker fan and i didn’t like this episode with him in it. I think a spin off will suck, and hurt a great show like Criminal Minds. Kepp JJ, and dump this spin off crap.

    19. Amanda says:

      As much as I love Criminal Minds, the idea of a spin-off just makes me feel “blah” but we’ll see how it goes. I would much rather have A,J and Paget for CM because I loved them both…

    20. Laurie says:

      I am not sure about the sping off. I am just totally bummed about the execs letting go of AJ Cook and decreasing Paget Brewster. I miss Gideon but I am ok with Joe Magneta. I am not ok with them messing with a chemistry that works. I also love Criminal Minds because there are no other shows like it. Not all shows work with a spin off. Yes, CBS has had great success with spin offs in regards to the CSI series and the NCIS but that does not mean all spin offs work. I think the antagonist of Criminal Minds should be heard from a slight bit more…keeps the truth about bosses and underlings. Also, cutting strong appropriate female roles a sign for the show to come to a hault. You need ratings to keep a show going and if you cut out popular cast members fans quit watching and ratings go bye-bye and then a good money maker becomes a money pit.

    21. Brynna says:

      🙁 So sad when I see a spin off for CM. I’ll test the episode; though there are no promises. I do like that Garcia is in it, but the show isn’t the same. The original has become an addiction to me.

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