Dancing With The Stars 2010 Vote

Dancing With The Stars 2010 Vote – Kate Gosselin appears to have won over the public’s opinion this week of the competitions because the votes were slightly in her favor. Just this Tuesday night on Dancing with The Stars for 2010 the official votes came in and we will be seeing Kate Gosselin again next week with some new dance moves being brought to the table. Kate is a loving mom of eight children and shes being featured on the reality TV show this year and she narrowly escaped the elimination round this week. She received very low scores by the judges for her dancing coming up short with only 15 out of 30 points for her and her partner Tony’s performance of the “odd” Paso Doble. One of the lowest scores she has seen yet but still managing to hold on tight to her position, Kate has definitely lucked out this week.

It seems that Kate appear to “walk” in her performance of the Paso Doble more than she did actually perform the dance routine. She really wasn’t looking her best and things weren’t going so smoothly for her. Despite having a professional actor on her side, she came up very short with her dance. She had Lady Gaga’s famous song Paparazzi playing in the background and it told the story of how the reporters are writing detrimental things to her career in the press. It seems she is having a difficult time getting a positive review on her performances.

With Kate just barely sneaking by, Buzz Aldrin was voted out of the competition this week after scoring an extremely low 13 out of 30 score. He was sent packing on Tuesday night and something we found kind of interesting was that Jake Pavelka, the man featured on The Bachelor his year and his partner Chelsea Hightower were in the bottom two as far as the results go even though they scored highly with the judges with a 20 out of 30.

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