Dancing With The Stars Kate Gosselin

Dancing With The Stars Kate Gosselin – It is now common knowledge that Kate Gosselin is not the best dancer on the show this season. She continued her streak by garnering one of the lowest scores of the night during last nights show. However, it has become apparent that Gosselin has the drive to continue to work on her craft as long as she is going to be on the show. It also appears that the audience in content with Gosselin being on the show, seeing as how she hasn’t been voted off yet despite being one of the lowest graded contestants on a consistent basis week after week.

It is not clear if Gosselin will be able to make it through another week as the competition gets thinner and thinner. Many of Gosselin’s fans seem to support her because she is a single mother, and not so much because of her dancing ability. With each passing episode more fans are ensuring that their voice is heard through the voting and across the Internet.

Last night the judges informed Gosselin that she had had a mini-breakthrough with her dancing. Despite her low score in comparison with other contestants, Gosselin seemed to be happy about her performance on the popular television show. After last nights show, Gosselin told People Magazine, “The support is amazing. I felt love from everyone in that room. There was love and concern and care and, that’s why I dance – for my kids and the fans. I know that people nay-say. I know that they are setting me up to fail, I know the stuff that’s out there, but I’m not going to quit. I’m going to strive to do better. I have to walk away from every experience in my life knowing that I did my best and gave it my all, and this is no different.”

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