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Dancing With The Stars Kate Gosselin – Kate Gosselin has dealt with a lot of unwanted media attention in recent years after her and her husband had a very public split, effectively ending their hugely popular television series, Jon and Kate Plus 8. The series followed them and their eight toddler children around as they tried to navigate the world as two parents trying to do right by their children. She hasn’t been appearing on the popular Dancing With The Stars television series for long, but apparently the show has already been able to drive Kate Gosselin to tears. Footage of Gosselin leaked earlier in the week, and has garnered the worlds most popular mom some unwanted media attention once again. She is seen criticizing her dancing instructor in rehearsals, stating that he does not know how to teach and trying to show him how to better do his job.

The scene was reminiscent of the feuds between Kate and her husband Jon as they tried to control all of their children in front of the TV cameras. Her tirade with her dance instructor was so brutal that he walked out of the room and refused to continue to teach her how to dance. Although the two would eventually make up after their small feud, the scores for their dance were not all that great in the most recent episode. All of the judges said that their performance was sub par, and most of America seemed to agree according to recent polls that have been released since the episode aired.
Reportedly Kate Gosselin was not the only one who had problems during rehearsals. Edyta Sliwinska quit on Aiden Turner when the two of them were not able to figure out how to tackle a difficult routine that they had been working through for several days.

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