Dancing With The Stars Results October 12: Who Went Home On DWTS?

Dancing With The Stars Results October 12: Who Went Home On DWTS? – Most had already surmised that The Situation would be the next to leave “Dancing with the Stars” when it was announced yesterday. He had given consistently poor performances throughout all of his dances, and had received the lowest score the night before. He was not a solid technical dancer, and it really hurt his chances to be successful in the competition. In his four weeks on the show, he received a lot of attention because he was in danger of being eliminated each time.

His partner continued to praise him and the effort that he put into learning the dances each week. His failure was not for lack of effort but probably was more along the lines of lack of talent. Now, The Situation pretty much has his pick of different reality shows that he can appear on. “Jersey Shore” still has a few episodes left, but they have already been shot, and The Situation is free to appear on another program if he chooses to.

He also has his own protein-infused vodka, a workout video and a book that is coming out in the near future. He has really made an effort to capitalize on his success through as many business ventures as he possibly can, so another reality appearance seems like the next logical step for the budding star.

The Situation is a hot commodity on the reality market.

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