Dancing With The Stars Vote: Who Will Win?

Dancing With The Stars Vote: Who Will Win? – The executive producer of the ever-so-popular “Dancing with the Stars” has said that it is absolutely anyone’s game and that almost anything could end up happening.

The final episode of the show is being called a “three-horse race” and there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the finale which seems like it could really go to anyone at this point.

The scores given to people like Jennifer Grey and Bristol Palin have started to really get close, which means that almost anyone could win by the end of the season.

Judges say that the scores are getting really tight and that it is definitely going to be a close call by the end when everything is said and done. Brandy’s recent elimination from the show in the semifinals was a shock to some who believed that she would be the one to triumph over all the other contestants.

Bristol Palin also brought along with a fair amount of controversy and shocking turns, going from being one of the lowest scored dancers on the show to a finalist. Only time will tell who is going to win the final round of Dancing with the Stars as America gears up for the finale.

This post has been updated with the results of Monday’s performances:

Jennifer & Derek: 60 (30, 30)

Kyle & Lacey: 56 (27, 29)

Bristol & Mark: 52 (27, 25)

You can watch Kyle and Lacey’s hilarious Tootsie Roll routine above.

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    2. Anne Tichauer says:

      What an insult to dancing if Bristol Palin wins! She is like a log of wood! This is NOT a popularity contest but on dancing! GET THAT STRAIGHT, People! What darn sham!

    3. Bonnie says:

      When will priests and republican party leaders stop telling their followere how to vote? It is a shame that they interfere with religion and now entertainment events.It is a disgrace. What ever happened to voting your own mind. God gave you a mind, so use it!!!!

      • kynann says:

        have you been there to hear them tell them how to vote? hearsay and gossip are not the true thing. get you facts straight.

    4. Elaine says:

      I’ll try again to send a response. I tried to vote and couldn’t get through. The number was sent to a travel agency. I double checked the number and stil got the same answer. This is not the first time this has happened. Every week as time goes on, it would appear it becomes harder and harder to vote for who I feel is the best dancer. However, this doesn’t seem to matter. If Bristol wins tomorrow night it is obvious the Tea Party and Sarah have won. You will be loosing a lot of viewers of the show. Too bad, because we really enjoyed the show.

      A very disappointed fan

      • Beth says:

        I am trying to vote, too — but I can’t get through.

      • nadjia says:

        I feel the same way. This show is losing credibility and viewers. I use to enjoy dancing since i am a dancer myself but since politics are brought to the floor it is a shame. Bristol should be ashamed to have gone so afr by fraud because the voting system is not working for me , my friends and my family. What can we inspect from a girl with no education, no values, no principles,no personality….? I couldn’t vote for Jennifer each week, the line was busy for her but not for Bristol. I am so sick of the Palin family everywhere. They are going to destroy our country !!!

      • kynann says:

        i’ll be a last ime watcher if jennifer wins. derek is such a show off. he thinks he is so cute..

    5. Karen Rhodes says:

      Jennifer and Derek are just so arrogant.

      Bristol is just so real and doing a good job.

      • Jan says:

        Oh PLEASE. The only reason Bristol is even there now is because of the arrogant (and brainless) Republican party, and her mother, who, by the way, is as fake as a plastic plant and dumb as a post. Bristol shouldn’t even be there at this point of the competition. It’s a disgrace to the show, and the true nature of dance. The only people that will win if Bristol does, is the Tea Party and Sarah – and they didn’t do one pas de deux, one arabesque, or one dance step of any kind. As a non-American, I find this just damn typical. It’s always about the bloody politics.

      • Antiignorance says:

        Bristol is so mediocre as her entire family and also every individual who belive that being so mediocre is OK. I feel ashame to show mediocre individual as the pai;ins and their folowers.

        • Don M. says:

          Your remarks do not even deserve a comment but it is worth saying this: Judging by your spelling ability alone you are not even near qualified to make any kind of intelligent remarks about anyone. I think that you must be about as close as one can get to being a genuine half witted neanderthal and that is really giving you credit for even a slight amount of intelligence. Why don’t you go back into your cave you creep.

      • Tracy says:

        Bristol real….What tea have you been drinking

      • angie says:

        I agree that Bristol is doing alot better than she was but I also feel Derek and Jennifer have a reason to be arrogant because they are the best dancers by far…but I think Bristol deserves to be there to because she has busted her butt just like the rest of them and has no prior dance experience.

      • kynann says:

        i totally agree. i am sick and tired of hearing jennifer complain. she ifs full of it. there is no way a dr. can heal a ruptered in a day . she just wants some one to feel sorry for her. all she and derek do is rub all over each other. cyle deserves to win. he has improved each week and so has bristal. jennifer has been the same. she just like to shake her bootie. i for one will never watch this program again if she wins.

      • kynann says:

        i agree 100%.

    6. Linda says:

      Jennifer was raised a dancer, it is unfair for her to win because she did not have that far to get to the top with the judges. Kyle and Bristol have improved the most in this season, they belong in the finals not jennifer. I also thought it was a bad choice to use a song from her dance movie it just reinforces that she was a dancer before the show!!!! Go kyle and Bristol

    7. LJ says:

      If I was a trustee at the National Endowment for the Arts, I would be very worried. If that no-talent Bristol Palin wins the Season 11 Mirror Ball, it will signal the end of support for the arts. I guess that the Tea Party and the Palin clan just don’t get it that NOT all Americans enjoy WWF and tractor pulls, not to mention phony popularity contests when real talent is on display!Brandi should be in the mix; her elegance and real talent were divine – here’s hoping that Jennifer and Derek can save ABC’s slumping (or is it slumming) reputation.

      • kynann says:

        i dont know why everyone thinks the tea party , the tea party. maybe jennifer does not have that many friends. she comes off as a me, me, me person

    8. Ofie Garcia says:

      I vote for Keyle and his partner. Like Barbara Bush said “Sarah Palin stay in Alaska. I say Bristol stay with her. Sorry, how I feel. They ae constantly having Sara on the show speaking. It’s not about her. It’s about Bristol, who is an okay dancer.

    9. Karen says:

      I hate dancing with the stars. If Bristol Palin wins what a joke. I have been trying to vote all season. First I can’t get through on the phone lines. Now I can’t get through on the computer.

      • Louisa Jiang says:

        I had the same voting problem, the phone was busy, the computer was down, I wanted to vote for Jennifer and Derek. I was wondering whether BP’s line had the same problem. I talked to my friends who wanted to vote for jennifer, 80% of them had the same problem. If BP wins, the voting problem on Jennifer’s line could be an explaination

    10. ofelia garca says:

      Bristol Palin is not as refined as Jennifer and Kyle. I vote for Kyle. Barbara Bush is quoted as having said ‘Sarah Palin stay in Alaska. Her daughter needs to stay with her. This voting time really turned me off to
      dancing with the stars’ show. ow we have skating….ugh!

    11. Fran says:

      Ok It is over and it is time to send Bristol home. Her free style wasn’t great, the judges even said so. She might’ve improved alittle but certainly not enough to win. Jennifer had a perfect score again and Kyle was great too. They should be the ones left. Either one could win it but certainly not Bristol. GO HOME.

    12. chattycathy says:

      What a scam! I’ve been trying to vote for Derrick and Jennifer since they started tonight and it won’t go through. Does the Tea party control everything? We’ll know by tomorrows outcome!

      • jmack says:

        Just like every show that is not worth it, DWTS will should be canceled because they have lost their credibility.
        Green is working the drama for more rating.
        Time to go for the whole production.

        Watch “So You Think You Can Dance”…that’s where you find talent!

        Those are the stars, including the judges. DWTS got the has been, all too obsolete for the now game, that includes Inaba.

      • kynann says:

        no the judges do..

    13. Bo says:

      I don’t know what’s going on!! While I’m glad Brandi is gone, when I tried to vote tonight, it kept freezing my computer. Everything else works – just not the ability to vote. If I have my say it will be Jennifer & Derrek who win!!!!!

      • Linda says:

        Too many people voting at once, I as able to get through about 3 hours after the show ended. I stayed up and kept trying to get through.

    14. pj says:

      I couldn’t vote tonight couldn’t even login. Very disapointed in ABC. Jennifer was the best and has been all season. Kyle is the cutiest and hs the best personality . The final three should have been Jennifer.Kyle and Brandi. I am getting sick of the Palin’s

      • Linda says:

        you didn’t stay up until you were able to get in. I did and split my vote for kyle and Bristol. You should have kept trying then you could have voted foe who you wanted to win so stop complaining

    15. pj says:

      I couldn’t vote tonight couldn’t even login. Very disapointed in ABC. Jennifer was the best and has been all season. Kyle is the cutiest and has the best personality . The final three should have been Jennifer.Kyle and Brandi. I am getting sick of the Palin’s

    16. maritza says:

      i try voteing did not get throught

    17. susan Liang says:

      As we all ready to vote on Monday evening, the voting line was not working. I tried and tried, for hour, my friends who were so ready to vote for jennifer all had the same problem. I am so angry. If BP wins, shame on her

    18. ed says:

      If Palin wins, it proves the votes are fixed and I will never watch it again. Maybe DWTS should hire 3 more judges and let the experts decide the outcome. The public vote is just a popularity contest, and now a political contest because Bristol is nowhere near the dancer that Brandy, Jennifer, and Kyle are.

      • kynann says:

        why do you say the palins win it is fixed. they have never been great to bristal. if kyle doesn’t win i say it is fixed.

    19. Eve says:

      I didn’t have any trouble at all getting my vote to go through. I don’t see that this is a scam at all. Whoever gets the most votes, WINS. Thats just how it is.

    20. tiffeny says:

      I, my mother, my sister-in-law, my aunt, and one of my friends all tried voting for Brandy but couldn’t get through. The line wasn’t busy but we got some sort of message instead. We all figured the lines were jammed because everyone was voting for Brandy. You can imagine our shock when she was voted off, and Palin stayed. If Palin wins, it’s obviously fixed and we will never watch the show again. Now, I hope kyle wins

    21. nicole says:

      Is Bristol so delusional that she thinks she is a better dancer than Brandy? She must know that something went wrong with the phone lines. She is nowhere near the dancing level of Brandy, Jennifer, and Kyle. She should have been graceful and left the show herself after hearing the results. Did her mother pay the station to keep her? Or, if the tea party can fix this vote, what will happen in the presidental elections? Scary!

    22. Diane says:

      I’m disgusted with the show. The voting process is obviously faulty. There have been others who won who were not as good as those who didn’t, but this is ridiculous! The gap in skill level of dancing is just too large. If Bristol wins, I’m never watching again.

    23. conrad lawrence says:

      I tried to vote on line for two hours could not, tried phone all evening, sat my alarm for 2 am, still busy, something is wrong here, so they just have l operator to take call? hmmm something smells like a skunk here. Kyle and Jennifer at least danced last night, that thing with the pink scarf??duhhhh.There were no steps in her dance. I dont hate this girl, I think hate is a tough word and there is too much in the world now. She definitely cannot dance and should have gone some time ago, but persistance with mom probably will prevail. Too bad we as americans have let one person,sarah have the control that she has over us, it is sad because I used to like DWTS,but the audience voting has made a mockery out of it, just as sarah has made out of the Republican party

    24. Bryan Wood says:

      Ms. Jan, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      Ya think possibly, that people identify with her seemingly normalness, she is just an average american, who has made it.

      It is the American Dream, anyone can do anything they set their minds to. Its called Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    25. Johnson says:

      Bristol is NOT a star.
      Bristol CANNOT dance.
      Bristol moves like a sack of potatoes in comparison to Jennifer & Kyle.
      DWTS is now a big joke.
      “Go back to Alaska and stay in Alaska!”

    26. conrad lawrence says:

      Hmmm wonder who Eve voted for? If its Palin and she got through for her vote, how dumb are the rest of us?

    27. Daniel Moguillansky says:

      Why Bristol was invited to the program to start with, she is not a star and what a shame to deprive a great performer like Brandy to continue! This whole ending sucks!

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