David Shuster Suspended By MSNBC

David Shuster Suspended By MSNBC – MSNBC has indefinitely suspended one of its most popular anchors, David Shuster, after the network learned that Shuster had taken part in a test run for a new show that will be featured on CNN, a competing news network. MSNBC declined to comment on the suspension of Shuster immediately following the breaking of the story. Executives for the company were described by insiders as “furious” after reading an article in The New York Observer that stated that Shuster had taken part in the test for the new CNN show.

Shuster’s contract with the company will come to its end at the end of the year. Some have stated that Shuster’s choice to attend the test was inappropriate, given that he still has over half a year left on his current contract with MSNBC. A spokesperson for the company said that Shuster’s participation in the test was “unacceptable”, and that he would receive the appropriate punishment if the allegations were true.

The article that broke the news from The Observer also stated that National Public Radio broadcaster Michel Martin also took part in the test for the new show. There has been no report about whether future plans for the shows future have been discussed, or even if the show was well liked within the company when the test took place.

Shuster’s last day anchoring for the station came on friday, when he anchored his usual two separate hour time slots, one at 10 A.M. and one at 3 P.M. Shuster made no appearance on the program early in this week, and his suspension suggests that fans of Shuster’s should not expect to see him return to the network any time soon.

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    1. Frank G. says:

      Shuster is just another gutter snipe like his big brother, Keith Oberman. Would be nice to see both those jerks off the air.

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