Dexter Finale 2010: What To Think Of Season 5 Finale?

The fifth season finale of “Dexter” ended with some blood being spilled, as usual, however it is a pretty sure bet that the audience won’t mind quite so much when they find out whose blood it was.

The episode begins with Dexter attempting to frantically find Lumen, who had last been seen being taken by Jordan.

Forced to choose Lumen over his family, Dexter again resumes his search after Quinn is named a prime suspect in the murder of Liddy. After stealing a car, Dexter found out where Jordan had taken Lumen, and although he had been torturing her extensively, it seemed that she was stronger this time around.

Dexter ends up crashing his car and wakes up inside the camp house. He finally frees himself and then helps Lumen finish Jordan off, even though Deb makes it to the scene and tries to get the murderers to stop.

Dexter and Lumen’s identities are protected by translucent plastic, and Deb is left wondering who the two were.

Finally, Dexter makes it to the birthday party, and Lumen announces that she will be leaving to start a new life somewhere else.

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