Donny Deutsch Slams Jesse James

Well, it looks like the host of a brand-new television show that will be offering advice about love and relationships has decided to kick things off with an early warning for women—one in particular.

Donny Deutsch, who is set to star in “Love Calling”, a new dating advice show, has already offered up his first piece of wisdom, and it’s mainly for Kat Von D, the tattoo artist who is currently dating Jesse James, the ex-husband of actress Sandra Bullock.

“[Jesse] is a low life, he’s a dirt bag. This is the lowest form of life—it really is,” Deutsch recently said. He also said women are constantly attracted to “bad boys” who will take them in the wrong direction and lead them to places that they just don’t want to go.

Deutsch said, “A lot of the calls I get are basically, ‘I like bad boys—how do I change them?’ You don’t! So what [Kat] is signing up for, she’s going to get. And if that’s what you want, great. If you don’t want a bad boy, don’t go after them and try to change them. Look, she’s a bad girl, so maybe it’s a match made in heaven.”

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    1. Ralph Davis says:

      What an idiot. So Jesse is ‘the lowest form of life’ is he? That’s a pretty broad and stupid comment. Is he really lower than a rapist, pedophile or murderer? Yeah, he shouldn’t have cheated, but he’s hardly Manson. Sounds like Donny Douche is doing his outspoken best to support what sounds like a terrible show!

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