Elisabeth Hasselbeck Joins Good Morning America

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Joins Good Morning America – Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be joining the “Good Morning America” crew. She will continue to appear on “The View” as well, but now will have two full time jobs that she needs to cover. The move is slightly controversial because Hasselbeck has been outspoken regarding her right-leaning viewpoints over the course of the last few years during her appearances on “The View.”
In a statement released by Hasselbeck, she said that she was “thankful for the opportunity to raise awareness and explore the most important issues facing parents and children.” She will be covering mostly hot button family topics, and will not have all that many opinion pieces.

As a onetime contestant of “Survivor” she certainly knows how to survive in hostile terrain like the television industry. Fans will be happy to hear that she is remaining on “The View” while continually exploring her options elsewhere. It might not be long before we see her landing positions like “The Today Show,” or something similar.

Hopefully she will not be as outspoken on “Good Morning America” as she is on “The View.” Most would probably like to hear her view of the hot button family topics without having to also hear her political agenda behind her beliefs. She might serve as a bit of a punching bag on “The View,” but she certainly will not be the target on “Good Morning America.” It will be interesting to see how well she transitions into the role.

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    1. AMY says:

      Guess it’s time for me to switch channels. I hate hasselbeck and her stupidity about political issues. I used to love GMA but I love the Today show too. Thanks for making up my mind for me. I love the View when hasselbeck is off that day. Goodbye GMA.

    2. Gee B says:


    3. Roy Mabe Jr. says:

      I wish Elisabeth Hasselbeck the best of luck in her new role on “Good Morning America”I think Elisabeth has been ready for a bigger role on another show for a long time.

    4. Dorothy Luxton says:

      Not a good decision. I stopped watching the View because of her. Hope I don’t have to stop watching your program. I truly like Robin but this woman is impossible to take.

    5. not a lover says:

      To bad we can’t rewind and leave her on the island! She’s such a trouble maker and needs to be barefoot and pregnant at home. Not a fan of her family values and Joy needs to pop her in the mouth.

    6. Fred Bloodgood says:

      Elizabeth’s sbrasive ignorance is an interuption to the show’s credibility.
      Robin and George’s class and integrity legitimize the program, why on earth would you take this risk?
      are you that desperate for ratings from the ” Ignorant , Glen Beck audience?
      you have certainly earned my disappointment and disgust, losing me as a loyal viewer, I’m sure that doesn’t matter to you!
      sorry for typos, my eyesight is bad.

    7. Rita says:

      I deeply regret that Elisabeth will be on Good Morning America. It was nice watching, but I can’t watch GMA…they’re other good options…I wish Robin and George well…as well as other staff…they had such a good thing going…but, ratings is the name of the game and she brings the tea baggers and republicans…America is so dumbed down that this woman could have the political clout that she has…sad…not to mention Palin…only in America…the dream definitely lives on!!!

    8. d crosby says:

      Sadly this “new” addition is the last straw for me. I’ve been a fan of “Good Morning America” for many years and although so disappointed with some of the changes ….ex the present co-hosts when there were so many others who have been involved in this show who were much more endearing as well as informative…..but this latest addition has made my decision. E H is so biased and annoying I just can’t waste my time listening to her everyday so good bye…….and hello to “The Today Show”.

    9. Sly says:

      What the heck r u thinking! She is sooo anouying! I don’t even know how this girl was recruted for the view. Yuck!

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