Epatha Merkerson Leaving Law & Order

Epatha Merkerson Leaving Law & Order – If you haven’t caught Law & Order on television at least once or twice then I’m not sure what exactly you’re doing with your life. It seems they always have some interesting things going on as well. From guest stars to guest appearances that have never been featured on television before, they are constantly keeping things fresh and exciting. A well known face on the hit television show has announced that she will be leaving after 16 years.

Epatha Merkerson has made plans to give her dismissal for the television series as soon as the end of the month. Her character in the show was Lt. Anita Van Buren and if you are familiar with what a typical episode is about you will know all about the rough, tough, and exciting criminal chases as well as solving murders and catching the bad guys. Sadly, Markerson, who is a Maryland resident has gotten her full career on the show and is ready to bring it to a happy ending. Epatha is a wonderful actress and her role on Law & Order has been nothing short of perfection. Shes commuted to New York for this cop drama for 16 years. She’s well educated in sociology and is said to have an excellent character if you ever were given the delight of meeting her. There is a lot of actors you can say you would truly be excited to meet and Epatha Merkeson should definitely be one of them. She’s a wonderful person and has done a lot for her community. I haven’t been able to catch any recent episodes of Law & Order but I can tell you that come the end of April, I will be glued to my television expecting to see the last of Epatha and say farewell.

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