Gabourey Sidibe On Saturday Night Live

Gabourey Sidibe On Saturday Night Live – Finally something very positive that is happening for Gabourey Sidibe. After the awards some weeks ago, did you hear all of the horrible things that were being said about her character and her future as an actress? It was demeaning and wrong for people to talk about her like that. Some critics went as far as saying what could she possibly be used for now, she was only good for her role in “Precious.” By the way, I really hope you got a chance to see Precious. It was an amazing picture and Gabourey Sidibe has some real talent in acting.

I don’t think they could have had a better pick in a movie for her, but who is to say that that’s the only movie she could for? I can’t wait for Gabourey to absolutely kill her next role, I think she will be wonderful. An actresses size does not mean everything, in fact I think having heavier women on television is one of the best things we could do for out Country. We need to show society that you don’t have to be that perfect model to be successful and happy in life. Well beside my feelings on Gabourey and how America looks at our celebrities, Gabourey is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live! There hasn’t been a release on the day that she will be featured on the show, but everyone is hopeful that it is sure to happen. I’d love to see her pick up her next film as well if I don’t say so myself. She has had some other gigs that were offered up to her however and she gladly accepted. One of which being a television show for a recurring role in “The Big C” It’s said to be about a teacher that goes through the day to day struggles of living with cancer. Gabourey is going to play as one of that teacher’s students. The series has plans to premiere in August so be on the lookout!

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