Gayle King On Oprah Lesbian Rumors

There has been much speculation in the media in regards to talk show host’s Oprah Winfrey’s sexuality.

This speculation has increased after Oprah elaborated on her relationship with longtime friend and editor of O magazine, Gayle King.

In an interview with Barbara Walters, Oprah, now 56-years-old described her great friendship with the 55-year-old King.

King called Oprah from her hotel room in Tasmania and the two friends both happily cried after the Oprah’s extremely flattering description of their relationship.

King later told USA Today that the two had never really talked about their feelings toward each other.

Winfrey had described King as the mother she never had, the sister everybody would want, and the friend everybody deserves. King even poked fun at her friend for the touching description.

King states that the lesbian rumors used to bother her, but now she doesn’t care. King has been quite outspoken about her desire to find a presumably male significant other.

The O editor even has two children of her own, Kirby, a Stanford graduate, and William, a Duke graduate.

Oprah’s longtime partner has been Stedman Graham, who she became engaged to in November 1992. The two opted to have a spiritual union rather than a marriage.

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