George Lopez Mayor Of Los Angeles?

It seems that George Lopez may be pursuing a different career sometime in the future. The comedian, who is the host of his own talk show, “Lopez Tonight”, recently discussed the possibility of entering into the political arena.

In fact, he announced that he had official plans to run for the mayor of Los Angeles in the election year 2017.

Lopez was recently a guest on “Good Day L.A.”, where he discussed his ambitious political career.
While Lopez was on the show, he told the hosts, “I do intend to run for Mayor of Los Angeles. Seriously, in eight years.

I wanna be Mayor of Los Angeles.” It seems that Lopez is looking to other entertainers who have taken a spin in the political run for help, especially movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger ran for the governor of California a few years ago, and shocked the country when he won the race.

He has stayed in office, and it seems that the people of California are fairly happy with his performance so far. Lopez seems to be looking to him for inspiration, saying, “If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be governor, why can’t George Lopez be the mayor of Los Angeles?”

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    1. johnny33405 says:

      Go get em Jorge.
      Just do not do it to make a statement and use image.
      Do it for the better of Los Angeles as a whole.
      There are so many folks with different heritages in LA.
      Anglo, African, Asian, Latin, and more…
      get to know your politics and American laws.
      I love the City of Angels. She knows my name too.
      The city, she loves me.

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