Ghost Hunters Live Halloween 2010: SyFy

Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters Live Halloween 2010 is the big TV event that is taking place this evening.
For those who have the dream of contacting a person who has died or exploring your past lives or discover how a spiritual guide works his or her magic, Ghost Hunters which airs on SyFy is the perfect show for you.

The network has a treat this weekend for those who love ghosts and other paranormal activities – a six-hour live event of Ghost Hunting activity called Ghost Hunters Live Halloween 2010 hosted by Josh Gates with an appearance by Smackdown’s wrestler Kofi Kingston.

The psychic and paranormal investigators plan to use their special tools and gadgets to communicate with spirits and other non-humans in the Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo, New York.

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    1. Dazzarai says:

      I Would like to know that to.

    2. missi. says:

      well congrats to the gang for another great halloween hunt! I’ll be there for another one til it ends!!! Great show!!!!!! Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!

    3. Robert says:

      Look back!!!!

    4. Robert says:

      Any time

    5. missi. says:

      ok steve and tango make it a good ending!

    6. Dazzarai says:

      It has been a very good night. Talk too everyone next year maybe.

    7. missi. says:

      great job the new guy looks promising

    8. missi. says:

      til next year good bye everyone

    9. Dazzarai says:

      That sucked

    10. vldonohue says:

      LOL Happy soon to be Bday Robert Keep Hunting you cuold be on tv 1 day never Know

    11. missi. says:

      :)happy halloween team:)

    12. missi. says:

      what suck dazz?

    13. missi. says:

      there always a comeback, the station laid dormat to long needs to be woke up again thats all.

    14. missi. says:

      it was a good nite, cant wait til wednesday!!!!!! 🙂

    15. missi. says:

      🙂 happy day 🙂

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