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Glee On Oprah – The Cast of the television show “Glee” recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. In fact, the entire episode had a “Glee” theme that featured the casts beautiful voices as Oprah interacted with the cast. The entire William McKinley High School was transported to Chicago for the Oprah Winfrey show, where the stage was made to look like the “Glee” choir practice room that is often seen on the show. “What are you doing in our choir room?” Lea Michele had jokingly asked Winfrey at one point during the show.

During one highlight of the episode, Matthew Morrison had a dance battle with Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Change. Matthew Morrison had originally been sitting in the audience, with only the main characters being on the stage. He was pulled out of the audience for the dance battle. During the behind the scenes video that was shown during the episode, former “Doogie Howser” star Neil Patrick Harris, who has a reoccurring guest role on Glee, said “I play a character named Bryan Ryan. He’s a bit of a villain. So don’t hate me when you watch the show.”

It was revealed during the show that much of the Glee cast works 14 to 16 hour days while they are filming. They often will rehearse on the weekends and during days off, and sometimes have to shoot as many as three different musical numbers in a day. The grueling schedule was unknown to many fans who had only come to know the actors through their characters on the show. The cast’s appearance on Oprah really opened many of the actors up to their fans on a personal level. Their performance was crisp and catchy, as most of the musical numbers on the television show are.

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    1. j says:

      Matthew Morrison had originally been sitting in the audience

      Harry Shum was in the audience not Matt.

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