Happy Festivus 2010: Malcolm Alarmo King, CA Inmate Gets Better Food Using Seinfeld Holiday

Despite going off the air in 1998, the sitcom Seinfeld has firmly entrenched itself in TV history. It turns out the show has also found its way into the California penal system this holiday season.

Malcolm Alarmo King is now 38 years old and an inmate In Orange County, California. King, a convicted drug-dealer, demanded that salami-free kosher meals. And just how and why did King pull off this special arrangement? As the judge needed a religious reason, King’s attorney cited his adherence to the holiday of Festivus.

Festivus is a “Seinfeld” holiday. It was created as an alternative to the normal seasonal pressures and rampant consumerism that has come to define the holiday season. A legal debate over what exactly Festivus entails has followed King’s demands.

Though he managed to get kosher meals for two months, King is now back to eating the same old salami meals of the past.

His attorney, Fred Thiagarajah cited his devotion to Festivus. However, the court ruled that kosher meals were not a requirement of this holiday.

King was eventually turned over to Immigration and Custom Enforcement, upon his release from jail. His adherence to Seinfeld’s Festivus can only serve as a now faded inspiration for the rest of the show’s fans.

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    1. isabella says:

      Long may the Festivus Day continue I have every episode of Seinfield and adore all the characters especially Jerry.When ever I am down I watch some episodes and life is worth living!

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