Heidi Jones Weather Woman Fake Story

A meteorologist for ABC/Channel 7, was recently charged with filing a false police report. When police later attempted to get more details about the incident, they found that there were numerous different discrepancies in her story, and later accused her of filing false charges.

According to the original report that Heidi Jones gave, she claimed that a man had tried to rape her while she was jogging through Central Park. However, she did not report this incident until nearly two months after it had happened.

The police then launched an investigation into the incident, reviewing surveillance footage from the supposed day of the attack and questioning Jones further. She then told the police that the man who had attacked her was still coming after her, even getting in touch with her and saying, “I know you went to the police.”

After the police tried to talk to Jones about the incident more in-depth, discrepancies in her story became apparent, and she finally admitted that she had made up the charges in a plea for attention. If she is convicted of the charges, she could be looking at a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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