Heidi Jones Weather Woman Lied

Heidi Jones is a weatherwoman for WABC-TV. She has been charged with falsely telling police that a man attacked her in Central Park. She remained silent as Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Lynn Kotler Jones read off the charges against her. Jones faces two misdemeanors.

Jones’ attorney Paul Callan told reporters that she will plead not guilty. However, Callan declined to comment as to whether Jones would maintain that she had been attacked.

Jones had told police that she had been attacked in Central Park on September 24, 2010. She later told them that she was also attacked on November 21, 2010, outside her home. Her statement was made on December 1. Callan stated that his client has been “vilified” in press accounts for her fabrication.

On December 13, Jones eventually admitted to police that she had been lying. The mitigating factors included stress at work and with her family. She stated that she had made up the stories for attention.

WABC plans an internal investigation. Jones has since been suspended from the station indefinitely. The 37-year-old had blamed the attacks on a Hispanic man, who had apparently tried to attack and rape her while she was jogging. Notably, the court papers make no mention of this kind of assault.

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