Jackie and Alli Eliminated By Brad Womack On The Bachelor

Brad Womack

Star of the reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’, Brad Womack recently eliminated two more women from his potential list of future fiancées. Womack decided to eliminate Jackie and Alli, even though he spent time with both women during group and individual dates this week.

Jackie was a part of the group date that consisted of Michelle, Emily, Ashley, Shawntel and Britt. Alli was a luckier contestant who received one-on-one time with Womack, but was not given a rose right away.

According to the eligible bachelor, he felt that he and Alli simply made small talk during their time alone, and there wasn’t enough connecting. Womack told the sales associate that he enjoyed spending time with her, but unfortunately, he was not falling in love with her. She was then sent home.

After Womack eliminated Jackie during the rose ceremony, he admitted that it was difficult to watch “someone like Jackie” go home. However, he did say that it was important to say his goodbyes so that he could end up with the right woman.

After the eliminations occurred, it was announced that the women would be traveling to Anguilla next week.

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