Jane Lynch Inspired By Simon Cowell

It turns out that the mean-talking and tough-spirited character Sue Sylvester has a lot of inspiration coming from none other than nasty Brit, Simon Cowell.

The actress who plays Sylvester on the hit television show ‘Glee’, Jane Lynch recently said that she takes a lot of her inspiration for her character from Cowell himself, because he tends to say exactly what he means and isn’t afraid to hurt someone’s feelings.

Lynch recently gave an interview to The Sun magazine saying, “If ever there was a guy who tells it like it is, then it’s Simon Cowell. You could definitely look at Sue and say there’s a lot of Simon in her. He’s a great inspiration for the character of Sue—there is a lot I can take from him and put into her. Just like him, she says what she wants because she can—there is nobody there to tell either of them to stop.”

The actress also said about her character, “…I’m amazed at the public’s overwhelming response to Sue…Simon and Sue say the things people wish they could in their jobs or at their school, but can’t because it’s not the done thing.”

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