Jersey Shore Spin-off With Snooki And JWoww: Report

First it was DJ Pauly D who got his own spin-off as a result of the Jersey Shore and now it seems as though Snooki is going to be the next one to get hers as well as JWoww.

She will be filming the pilot episode of the show in the upcoming weeks and her friend JWoww is going to be joining her in the reality show which doesn’t even seem to have a title as of yet.

Sources from gossip website TMZ have reported that the pilot episode will in fact be shot in Long Island and that there is no special hook to the show other than two Jersey Shore stars together.

Those who came up with the idea for the spinoff say that it is enough to just have the two together because of the way they naturally play off each other.
JWoww confirmed that her and Snooki are roommates and that they would love to do a spinoff together.

At the time she said that nothing had been confirmed but now it seems as though producers are going ahead with the idea for the show but have yet to start actually filming for it.

Producers are trying to rush to get the first episode of the show shot and done with because of the schedule they need to meet for the Jersey Shore.

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