Jim Carrey On Snl: Black Swan Spoof

The new film by Darren Aronofsky, “The Black Swan” is getting attention from more people than just moviegoers. The comedy show “Saturday Night Live” recently spoofed a few scenes from the film, with Jim Carrey taking over the lead role.

The film is a mind-thriller, about a ballerina named Nina (played by Natalie Portman) who is threatened when a street dancer called Lily, attempts to take over Nina’s coveted part in the ballet of ‘Swan Lake’.

Carrey spoofed the role of Lily, while Nasim Pedrad decided to take on Nina’s role. Carrey played a dancer who “goes to clubs and does ecstasy” and kept his hair in a bun for the skit, while also wearing a black leotard and tutu. He also flashed “buffalo wings” that were tattooed on his back.

Carrey spent his time prancing around the stage, picking up breadcrumbs that another dancer had dropped and doing his best to impress the choreographer (played by Bill Hader).

In the end, when Carrey and Pedrad are participating in the final competition for the coveted role, Carrey sticks his gum in Hader’s ear, and wins Pedrad the part.

Carrey signs off by saying, “Once you go black swan, you never go back…swan.”

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