Justin Bieber Not On Glee

Although the co-creator of the hit series “Glee”, Ryan Murphy, recently announced that Justin Bieber would be playing a small part on the television series, it seems that other news has come around that infers the pop star’s part is not as small as it was made out to be.

A recent report by Deadline claims that instead of just one of Bieber’s songs being featured on the show, there will be three. Entertainment Weekly reported that the Bieber episode would be a tribute, however Murphy denied that was the case, releasing a statement on his website claiming “Those [tributes] are reserved for artists with big catalogs. Bieber comes up in episode 13 as a small plot point. Sam sings a JB song to win Quinn’s approval.”

However, a new report by an insider from the show has recently said that Chord Overstreet’s character would be trying to start a new boy-band, and he would perform three Bieber songs on the show.

Although there could certainly be changes to the episode now that it has started filming, this was apparently the plan for the episode from the beginning.

The Bieber episode is tentatively set to air on February 15 and the singing sensation will not be appearing in the series.

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